Diggin in Paris!

I was in Paris for my brother in law's graduation so I did what I do. I found some gems. Enjoy....

Steel Panther Stops by RosenbergRadio!

Back in February I was dragged into a concert in Las Vegas. I saw some weirdos who think they're an 80s hairband. Turns out they're pretty awesome lol. Enjoy yourself!

PRhyme Comes by Hot 97

Ebro, Laura, and I sat down with PRhyme to discuss the new album and a lot more. I think you guys will dig this one.

Craig Mack Rest in Peace

A nice little podcast to discuss the career and play the music of the late great Craig Mack. Rest in Peace. 

45s for 45 Part 1!

Out of the blue and for the people. 45 minutes of me spinning 45s. 

The Jackson 5, Yaz, Paul Simon, Lee Scratch Perry, Sean Paul, Robyn, Malcolm McLaren, and more. 

32 Minutes of Classic Big L

On the 19th anniversary of the passing of Lamont Coleman, I did a mini lesson on what made this man so special.

Quincy Jones On Juan Epstein (2010)

You wanna talk Quincy Jones?! We talked WITH Quincy Jones. I keep bringing the hammers this week. Enjoy! Juan Ep for life! 

Rosenberg's Complete Big Pun Retrospective

You asked for it you got it. A couple of years ago I made this epic Big Pun mix. Today, on the 18th anniversary of his passing (can you believe it?) , I am rereleasing it in full. Enjoy. RIP Pana,

A Full Real Late (Super Bowl Sunday)

A damn good episode of Real Late if I do say so myself. Lots of new music including tunes from PRhyme, Daytona, and many more.  

Red Alert on Juan Ep Live!

Part 2 is special. The legend, Kool DJ Red Alert, came by Highline Ballroom to hang with Ciph and Me. Enjoy!

A Juan Epstein Reunion on Tidal?!

Next Wednesday Cipha Sounds and I will get together at Highline Ballroom in NYC. Recently we sat down for his Tidal podcast. So yes -- here is 80 minutes of Ciph & Rosenberg talking that ish. Enjoy! 

The First RosenbergRadio of 2018

To kick off the new year, we dig in the crates a bit. My man DJ Book sent me this show from the early 2000s and its a gem. Enjoy it at the gym while pretending to get in shape for the new year.