A Juan Epstein Reunion on Tidal?!

Next Wednesday Cipha Sounds and I will get together at Highline Ballroom in NYC. Recently we sat down for his Tidal podcast. So yes -- here is 80 minutes of Ciph & Rosenberg talking that ish. Enjoy! 

The First RosenbergRadio of 2018

To kick off the new year, we dig in the crates a bit. My man DJ Book sent me this show from the early 2000s and its a gem. Enjoy it at the gym while pretending to get in shape for the new year. 

Rosenberg Solo Shows on Hot 97

Ebro and Laura were off for the holidays so RosenbergRadio was all up on your Hot 97. Here is Thursday's show with Pete Davidson and Friday's show with no guests--just the crew. 

A Very Real Interview with Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan of WWE's Smackdown Live came by to talk about many things, most notably his desire to wrestle again. However, it turned into an awesome and wide ranging discussion about his life and more. 

RosenbergRadio Monday 12.18

Some Christmas music, some hip hop, G-Eazy,  a catch or not a catch, the Washington train wreck, a Vince Staples rarity, and lots more on day 1 of 5 Rosenberg Radio podcasts. 

Hopsin on Rosenberg Radio

If you don't know Hopsin, you've been sleeping. He has developed a huge following on the internet and dropped an album last week. His vivid storytelling and personal narrative rapping is reminiscent of a young Marshall Mathers. Check it out. 

A Full Episode of Real Late

Just wanted to give you guys a taste of the music I play on Sunday nights on Hot 97. If you want the playlist check out my instagram page.

Renee Young!

One of my favorite people and coworkers at WWE came by to hang out with me in Houston! We talked lots about nothing!

CM Punk from 2012 and 2013

I promised to post old "Wrestling with Rosenberg" interviews here. So here is CM Punk right after he became WWE Champion during one of the most iconic runs in recent memory. Happy Survivor Series weekend y'all! 

Francesa, Franken, and the Passing of Lil Peep

A lot happened in the last 24 hours so I discussed a bunch of it and played some music. Mostly, we payed homage to Lil Peep who passed away last night at 21 years old. 

Digging in Tokyo Part 1 !!

From Deep Purple to Jaylib and so much in-between. This was just a stop at my first record store in Tokyo! Enjoy!

Shawn Michaels from 2011

For my wrestling fans -- here is my full sit down with HBK from 2011. Please excuse me if I said anything dumb back then. I am still a work in progress!