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#Basement Mix

In honor of all the basements that were lost and ruined during the Hurricane, we did a special tribute mix this morning. Ebro actually let me jump on the wheels and play some underground gems. This recording missed the very beginning when I played “The Basement” by Pete Rock and CL but I won’t front–this mix is a gem. Even Mister Cee said I was in “rare form”! Enjoy!


  1. Bangers!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Any dl link? Want this mix for even when I have no service….

  3. this was the ONLY thing that kept me sane this morning!! wish i could download this!! #ThankYouRosenberg

  4. good stuff PR, Jewstreaming back too! Please get Premier for a Juan Ep.

  5. Whoa, you killed it. Go ahead PMD.

  6. I see you, Rosenberg! I’m bout to get off work, but was able to hear you bring that Ice Cube back a few times. I’m downloading it now to check out the rest on my ipod. Why don’t y’all (you & Ciph) blend? C’mon mayne! I dig it though. That Juan Ep podcast is the shit! Shout out to Ciph!

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