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Audio : Real Late Best of 2011!

Honorable Mentions :

Monumental – Pete Rock & Smiffunwessun
Dope Game – Cory Gunz
More Cowbell – Asher Roth
Operator – Rza, Kool G Rap, and Kosha Dillz
John Stockton – Nemo Achida
Mollywopped – Earl Sweatshirt
Kaimbr and Kev Brown – Rappin’
Dogg Sh*t – Mobb Deep feat. Nas
All Day – Kooley High
Posers – I Am Many
Volume – Hassan Mackey and Apollo Brown


  1. By far the best countdown that recaped the best talent in hip hop….downloading off hulkshare right now… JET LIFE

  2. Big up to I Am Many – Posers straight from Bayridge Brooklyn. keep doing your thing homie.

  3. I wish I could submit some music to be reviewed by Rosenberg. I respect his opinion highly. Good list though. Much respect.

  4. Respect most of these choices, good on ya not being swung by the ‘popular’ choices and artists.

  5. The Kooley High mention is well played, sir!

  6. Is it just me or was 2011 not that great for hip-hop?

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