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Jim Breuer on Juan Ep !!!

Awesome SNL stories for days plus amazing Half Baked talk. Just more great Juan Ep! See you Sunday LA!


Pharoahe Monch on Juan Epstein!

Our streak is like the new Undertaker streak! Pharoahe comes by to talk about his whole career including great Organized stories, Rawkus era stories, working on The Lifer’s Group project, making no money off of “Simon Says”, and where he ranks among the top MCs of all time.

Tracy Morgan on Juan EP!!!!

Finally our biological father Tracy Morgan came by to do Juan Epstein. He was in rare form. I mean what more has to be said? His new special airs Sunday night on Comedy Central at 10 pm and uncensored at 1 am.

Dante Nero on Juan Epstein

We’ve known this lunatic for a long time. He’s a comedian, a podcast host, and much more. Most importantly — he used to be a male stripper named “Mandingo” and once had sex with 11 women in one night. Just listen.


Hannibal Buress on Juan Epstein

One of Ciph and my favorite guys came by to talk about Chicago, comedy, hip hop, being newly famous, and everything else. Oh and we convince him to call Amy Poehler at the end! LOL classic Juan Ep.

Smoke Dza and TV Show Talk on Juan Epstein

First me and Ciph just kick and talk about our new TV fame and taking Juan Ep on the road. Then Smokey joins us to talk Harlem life and much more!

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Sean C and LV on Juan Epstein!!!

WOW WOW WOW…LV was Big Pun’s DJ so those stories are madness. Sean C was an original member of the X-Men and Loud Records A&R. They produced most of American Gangster and they have a new dope album out now for free at !! This is amazing! Better than I even hoped.

EPIC : Marley Marl on Juan Epstein!

What can I say? The most important producer in hip hop history? I got my dj name from his show and got my love of music from his beats. Enjoy!

Schoolboy Q on Juan Epstein!!!!

Today is the day!! Oxymoron is out and so is our 80 minute Juan Ep with young Q from Hoover. Enjoy!

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