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Me and The Great One!

The Rock has a new dope looking competition reality show called “The Hero” coming to TNT on June 6th. I interviewed him last weekend in Miami during the press weekend for the show and got to talk to him about that AND ask him some serious wrasslin questions! Not a full “Wrestling with Rosenberg” but a big get nonetheless.



Who knows how long he will be back for or how many appearances he will make? Maybe just Wrestlemania or maybe he will be drawn back in to do a bit more work than that. But for one night, Wrestling fans were treated to one of the best wrestling moments of the last 10 to 15 years. Rocky solidified himself firmly as one of the true all time greats when he walked into the arena after seven years and cut a promo better than anyone in the biz is capable of cutting.  I will be heading to Atlanta in April without question.

Question — Does The Rock’s return make you much more likely to purchase WM 27?