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My In Depth Interview with Eric Legrand »

What an amazing guy with an amazing spirit. Thanks Eric! Watch and learn kids!

The Interview of a Lifetime »


All He Does is Lin »

As you know- I am a not a born New Yorker. I had to spend a month supporting the Giants on the air even though I live and die with the Redskins. When it comes to basketball I have been a Celtics fan for 25 years–literally. I always liked the Knicks cuz of my grandpa [...]

Rosenberg + Kobe + Weezy »

Well Wayne wasn’t there, but he had me ask Kobe a question. This was at the release of the Kobe VI Supreme. Shouts to everyone at Nike…

Absolute Disgrace »

Wish I had the platform to do this, but I don’t. Chad Dukes (from my old station WJFK) did a pretty damn good job, though. Not EXACTLY how I feel, but close enough. Good job young man.

So Much to Say about Michael Vick — A Blog Post from August 2009 »

I just stumbled on a post that I never published because it wasn’t completed and decided to read it. I thought it would be pretty interesting to post it now given how things have played out over the last year and a half. Enjoy…. I have had so many different feelings on this recent chapter [...]

They Really Suck »

The first success for Duke since I made the video. We need the spirit of this vid to prevail come Saturday!

Iron Mike on SNL! »

Heading to Vegas for Pacqiao-Cotto!! »

Maybe I was duped by 24/7 on HBO, but I think Cotto is going to win this–which is crazy. I never thought I would pick Pac-Man to lose. I will be tweeting and taking flicks and video all weekend.