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All He Does is Lin

As you know- I am a not a born New Yorker. I had to spend a month supporting the Giants on the air even though I live and die with the Redskins. When it comes to basketball I have been a Celtics fan for 25 years–literally. I always liked the Knicks cuz of my grandpa but it was never too passionate for obvious Celtic pride. That said– I would be lying if I said that I was not obsessed with this kid. This is the most dramatic entrance into pro sports that I can recall. He is an underdog, a minority, a Harvard grad, a good religious kid, and he has a magnetic style to the way he plays the game. I was in the Garden on Friday to see young Jeremy take on Kobe and it was one of the best events I have ever been to. I am happy for Asian Americans and I am happy for New York in general, because this is just pure fun.

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So Much to Say about Michael Vick — A Blog Post from August 2009

I just stumbled on a post that I never published because it wasn’t completed and decided to read it. I thought it would be pretty interesting to post it now given how things have played out over the last year and a half. Enjoy….

I have had so many different feelings on this recent chapter in Michael Vick’s story that it has been hard to even put my feelings together into something one might consider an opinion.

First and foremost I am happy. I’m happy that I will see Michael Vick play football again–even if it is in those putrid awful colors.  This is now finally going to be common thought and I bet you will start hearing it more and more, but Michael Vick may be the best athlete to ever play in the NFL. Up until now he has always been discussed as a failed quarterback–with brilliant speed and ability, but more than anything a bad passer and a guy who loses the big game.

I don’t see it that way.

For me he has been the most exciting player that I have ever seen. He is the only other athlete that has made me have Jordan-like feelings–NOT in terms of greatness or tanacity, but sheer ability. His arm strength is mind-boggling. No one has a stronger arm and no one can use that arm on the move the way Vick can. He can throw the ball across his body on a string.

He also has a lot of flaws–most notably– he has been a jerk.  Michael Vick was treated like a cash cow for way too long and it clearly got to his head. On top of that–he took part in something that was just disgusting–regardless of background and upbringing. He murdered dogs brutally himself. And for that he deserved to pay a big price.

All that said–everyone deserves a second chance.  And as crazy it is to watch the media build him up just as fast as they helped tear him down–I don’t think it is just the media. It’s all of us. We love celebrity gossip, but we also love a great comeback story. It is the best kind of entertainment. And in Vick–we have the chance for a great story. So I guess I can’t blame the media for their shameless jock-riding.

And Vick does appear to be remorseful. Before he went to prison he seemed emotionless–almost totally empty. And although he is yet to really get past generic apologies (including during a very soft interview from James Brown on 60 Minutes). he does seem more human. Whether or not he truly feels bad is a mystery, but it is clear that he figured out how much he offended and upset millions of Americans.

One person upset by Vick’s cruelty to dogs was his new teammate, Donovan McNabb. McNabb is not only a dog lover, but he is a fellow black quarterback who has been regularly abused by ungrateful and sometimes racist fans in Philly. Yet he chose to stick his neck out to help out a fellow black quarterback.

—That is where this blog was left, but it is pretty interesting looking back a year and a half and thinking about how things have transpired since I wrote it. –

Monday Will Provide Some Answers


If this guy is not involved in the game, we don’t win

How bad are the Redskins? How useless is Sherman Lewis? How annoying is this season going to be? We will find out Monday night. If the Skins get blown out on national tv or worse yet–the offense stinks–this is going to be a long second half of the season.

Maybe–just maybe–new play calling will make a difference. I doubt it, but here’s to hoping.