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Wow–We Need Our Troops Home »

EMBED-Tricked On Halloween – Watch more free videos So touching….just cry…own it Shout out to MJ Rosenberg for the link..

Can You Believe It’s Been a Year? »

I learned to never doubt this man and it will take a lot more than a tough first year for me to doubt him now. This footage, though, should remind you of why he won the Nobel Peace Prize. We haven’t even begun to feel the effects of his presidency yet. God what a great [...]

Legendary Status »

I have never even heard AM play, but that’s my brother for many reasons. Heartbreaking. Without even truly knowing first hand why AM was so great, I can tell you why I admired him. He took this DJ thing to a different level–in terms of celebrity and money. He changed the limits of what is [...]

Farewell to the King »

Paris Jackson says goodbye to her dad…. We will never forget him.

Amazing »

The classic. 3:50 is where it really goes down.

How Offensive Is This? »

Nukes or A-Bomb? Appropriate. N-Bomb?? That’s just seeing how disgusting you can be without being called out. Well Matt Drudge is one of the worst human beings alive and I just had to point this one out. Absolutely tasteless.

Obama SONS Michael Steele!!! »

If you don’t know who Michael Steele is–he is about the most heartless worthless son of a b*tch in politics–and he is my man Mike Tyson’s ex-brother in law. Which is random and a bummer. And this video right here..RIGHT classic

Sickening…. »

This sounds a lot like the Jennifer Hudson story right? And in Chicago again. Man my heart goes out to Eddy Curry and everyone else involved. Here is the story from the Daily News. Send some love Eddy’s way. Knicks center Eddy Curry‘s 3-year-old son witnessed his mother and baby-sister’s murders in their Chicago apartment [...]

My President Is Black!! »

It’s a dream come true. Seriously. Best speech ever. Enjoy the videos from my disaster of a day. It was still amazing in spite of it all! Watch the series of videos from my trip downtown by clicking to the left below!