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Legendary Status


I have never even heard AM play, but that’s my brother for many reasons. Heartbreaking.

Without even truly knowing first hand why AM was so great, I can tell you why I admired him. He took this DJ thing to a different level–in terms of celebrity and money. He changed the limits of what is possible for a DJ to be. He was the ultimate celebrity DJ, but unlike these other clowns, he could actually DJ–really well.

Rest in peace brother.


This sounds a lot like the Jennifer Hudson story right? And in Chicago again. Man my heart goes out to Eddy Curry and everyone else involved. Here is the story from the Daily News. Send some love Eddy’s way.

Knicks center Eddy Curry‘s 3-year-old son witnessed his mother and baby-sister’s murders in their Chicago apartment Saturday, according to a source close to Curry.

Nova Henry, 24, a former girlfriend of Curry’s, and her 9-month-old daughter, Ava, were found shot dead by Henry‘s mother around 6 p.m. Saturday, authorities said.

Curry’s son was found unharmed inside the South Side apartment, but his father was still described as “despondent” Saturday night.

The killer is a “known acquaintance,” said Chicago Police Officer Amina Greer.

Henry had a boyfriend and had filed a restraining order against him, according to team sources.

My Dad’s Thoughts on the Israel-Gaza Situation

Recently a sad little fat man blogged about me–accusing my father of being part of the “Pro Israel Lobby”. Wow. A simple google search would have shown this little blogger that my dad is in no way a lobbyist, but a man who writes with the hopes of peace one day coming to the middle east. Here is his piece from Friday….

Where Is Israel Going?

These are terrible days for those of us who long to see Israel finally accepted by its neighbors. At a time when all 22 Arab states have offered Israel peace and normalization in exchange for the ‘67 territories, this war could destroy that possibility once and for all.

No, that does not mean that I question Israel’s right to respond to the rocket onslaught from Gaza. Of course, it has that right. Any country has the right, even the obligation, to respond militarily to thugs who rain down thousands of rockets on its people, leaving its children quaking in terror. The question is not whether Israel has the right, but whether exercising it this way is right.

For Israel, the only right response is the one that will bring it closer to the security it will only have when it is accepted by its neighbors. Some argue that this attack on Hamas will indeed accomplish that. Eliminate the fanatics, they say, and Israel can make peace with the moderates.

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