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#Basement Mix

In honor of all the basements that were lost and ruined during the Hurricane, we did a special tribute mix this morning. Ebro actually let me jump on the wheels and play some underground gems. This recording missed the very beginning when I played “The Basement” by Pete Rock and CL but I won’t front–this mix is a gem. Even Mister Cee said I was in “rare form”! Enjoy!

All He Does is Lin

As you know- I am a not a born New Yorker. I had to spend a month supporting the Giants on the air even though I live and die with the Redskins. When it comes to basketball I have been a Celtics fan for 25 years–literally. I always liked the Knicks cuz of my grandpa but it was never too passionate for obvious Celtic pride. That said– I would be lying if I said that I was not obsessed with this kid. This is the most dramatic entrance into pro sports that I can recall. He is an underdog, a minority, a Harvard grad, a good religious kid, and he has a magnetic style to the way he plays the game. I was in the Garden on Friday to see young Jeremy take on Kobe and it was one of the best events I have ever been to. I am happy for Asian Americans and I am happy for New York in general, because this is just pure fun.

3 More Jeremy Lin Bangers!!

J.E.R.E.M.Y. Man
Jeremy Lin Ain’t Nothin to F*** Wit
Linsane in the Membrane

Why Do Rappers Promote Drinking & Driving??

This is what I did on the show. Beyond that I have much stronger feelings on the subject. I understand talking about smoking and drinking to try to sound cool, but HOW could an adult EVER talk about drinking and driving? How the hell is that cool? One rapper mentioning how they drink and drive does 10 times more damage than all the positive attempts by people to speak to the evils of drinking and driving.

Many issues in hip hop bother me, but after having my family’s world shattered by the death of my brother in law — this issue hits home with me.

Solar Calls Station to Discuss Guru Situation

So I have received SOME negative feedback on this interview implying that I wasn’t hard enough on Solar. I’m curious to how I should have approached this in the eyes of those critics. I see it as my job to get as many facts as possible so we asked Solar to tell his story. We also tried to point out his inconsistencies. When Solar spoke he made almost no sense. He stuttered, stammered, and really gave no consistent information.I didn’t think it would be cool for us to come out attacking him when the story isn’t really known yet publicly. All we could do was try to get his take. And that as very telling.