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Ratchet Turn Up Molly Video »

Woooooo my best work to date…I mean — their best work to date!

#Basement Mix »

In honor of all the basements that were lost and ruined during the Hurricane, we did a special tribute mix this morning. Ebro actually let me jump on the wheels and play some underground gems. This recording missed the very beginning when I played “The Basement” by Pete Rock and CL but I won’t front–this [...]

So We Probably Should Address Some Things »

Yeah so things got a little bit nervous at Summer Jam when I decided to talk some truth about Nicki Minaj on the festival stage. Check out what happened below… The rest is history…here is the history as told by some major news outlets…. Rolling Stone (written by the great Jeff Rosenthall) The LA Times [...]

All He Does is Lin »

As you know- I am a not a born New Yorker. I had to spend a month supporting the Giants on the air even though I live and die with the Redskins. When it comes to basketball I have been a Celtics fan for 25 years–literally. I always liked the Knicks cuz of my grandpa [...]

Why Do Rappers Promote Drinking & Driving?? »

This is what I did on the show. Beyond that I have much stronger feelings on the subject. I understand talking about smoking and drinking to try to sound cool, but HOW could an adult EVER talk about drinking and driving? How the hell is that cool? One rapper mentioning how they drink and drive [...]

Justin Bieber Comes by the Morning Show »

Interview DWYCK Freestyle Shout out to Scooter and Allison

Some Good Ass Morning Shows…. »

Today’s Show feat. TI Yesterday’s Show feat. Jamie Kennedy Friday’s Show …Friday Vibes!!

Solar Calls Station to Discuss Guru Situation »

So I have received SOME negative feedback on this interview implying that I wasn’t hard enough on Solar. I’m curious to how I should have approached this in the eyes of those critics. I see it as my job to get as many facts as possible so we asked Solar to tell his story. We [...]

Black New Moon! Ya Nah Mean?!?! »