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Peter Rosenberg Presents The Magical Mind Of… Terrence Howard


This is the first episode of a little series I am trying out. This is not Juan Epstein, is not a replacement for Juan Epstein, and is not supposed to be anything like Juan Epstein. It is a bit more Inside the Actors’ Studio than Juan Ep (which leans Behind the Music-ish to me). For my debut episode, I sat down with Oscar nominee and talented musician, Terrence Howard. Terrence’s debut album, Shine Through It dropped September 2nd on Columbia Records.


Terrence Howard and I outside Hot 97 just
after his appearance on the morning show

I was borderline obsessed with Howard’s portrayal of DJ in Hustle & Flow-a character that does not reflect his personality at all, at least on the surface. “I’m not really into Rap,” he told me before I interviewed him several weeks ago for Hot 97. “It doesn’t have music anymore and I don’t like sampling. I like Andre 3000. He’s amazing. But most rap these days does nothing for me.”

DJ had the need to express himself and he did it through music, but he didn’t express himself positively. Music is about love. If it has no love, it has nothing.”

Shine Through It sounds nothing like you would expect it to if you’re looking for “urban” music. And critics and haters will be quick to call it self-indulgent and the typical of the actor turned musician, but there is a lot more to Terrence Howard than one might realize after a cursory listen.

Download: The Magical Mind Of…Terrence Howard