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New MJ Feels Just Right


No matter what stage of his career Michael Jackson was in–he always had a ridiculous ability to create catchy tunes and melodies. Then you sprinkle his voice on those melodies and you have magic. His new single is no different. Would it have been a smash if he were alive and well? Probably not. He had already been to torn down for us to appreciate anything. I, personally, loved all of his new singles from the last couple albums–and this is no different. I also already have my tickets for the movie when it drops on the 27th!

Michael Jackson   ” This is It “

Update and Some Thoughts..

So I’m sorry for the lack of show posts dudes, but the show is going through some changes right now. I believe they are for the greatest good but the show as it stands is not what you’re accustomed to (Ciph posted today’s show on his site) so I may not post it for a bit. All is well with the show, though–don’t worry.

This weekend I will be hanging in Vegas with my man, Clinton Sparks (GET FAMILIAR!), at Paris Hilton’s birthday. So I should definitely come back with some ill video and stories.  And a weekend to relax in one of my favorite places in the world should be great–especially Saturday at the sportsbook watching a great last weekend of college basketball.

Oh and we just did a SICK Juan Epstein with CNN that everyone is going to love. Those dudes are f*cking hilarious.

In two weeks I will be in Austin for SXSW. I am hosting an ill showcase and details will follow this week!

Eastbound and Down is the best show on TV and in closing, the Woody Allen/Larry David movie is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival!

A New Year’s Eve to Remember…

Well I don’t know about you, but before ’09 got a little bit rough for me–it rocked on New Year’s Eve. I tore down a loft party with my man DJ Quiz. The party was thrown by Alex and Jesse K (NUE Agency) and their people, Cody Liebman, Shareef, and Chris Welsh. The crowd was open and I won’t front–we bodied it. It was just as relaxed and dope a New Year’s party as you could possibly hope for–thanks for having us guys.


Rosenberg Commentary: What the Fuck is Wrong with You Morons?!

Not “you” — my readers.  The proverbial “you”.

Well Ciph definitely got something right about Thanksgiving. People apparently really do go crazy for black Friday shopping. So crazy out in Valley Stream evidently–that crazed shoppers trampled a 34 year old employee to death. Talk about the dumbest fucks in the world. NOT ONLY are you on line at 3:30 am on a holiday to spend money that you don’t have (if you did have the money–would you wake up at 3 am to go to Wal Mart?) but you’re so riled up at the prospect of saving 10 bucks on a wii or 50 bucks off of a plasma that you had to bumrush the store and kill an employee. When I heard this story it never even crossed my mind that it could have happened in New York. I’m ashamed.

That said–I hope you’re having a great weekend!

RIP Juan Epstein

Well I just noticed that Ciph has proclaimed the official indefinite end of Juan Epstein so here is today’s show that explains some of it.

Download: Morning Show (09/03/08)

You guys look at it however you want. I think it is pretty silly to end any sort of trust or friendship over the fact that we disagreed about 150 dollars that he claimed I “promised” to give, but that’s fine.

Also know that after the show I went to the ATM, took out 150 dollars even though I felt Ciph had “jailed” me and when I quietly tried to slide him the dough–he said it was too late and that it was “about my character” and that he can’t f*ck with me anymore.

I hope he changes his mind and wants to bring back Juan Ep, but if not–it was fun while it lasted.

I’m off to SOBS….

I’m back–and some pictures, etc….

Sorry guys. No “Real Late” last week, but everything is back in full swing now. Summer Jam is this Sunday and Ciph and I will be back in the lab for more radio shows and more Juan Eps.

Shout out to everyone who came out to Libation for Ralph McDaniels and my 2nd Instant Classic party. It was awesome. Shout out to my man Daryl “Quartermaine” Francis for the flicks from the party below.

ic more girls
some random chicks…

IC me and alchemist
Jew power…me and alchemist

IC chicks
more hot chicks…

IC me and ralph
Ralph and Rosenberg

IC Pete Rock
Pete Rock

IC peter and jess
My Friend Jessica and Me