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Rosenberg Does….”Break Up” by Mario »

Here it popular demand

A Must See Movie! »

I saw a special screening of this today with my girl. MY LORD–well done. Shot for $15,000 in the director’s home. Dope flick….

New MJ Feels Just Right »

No matter what stage of his career Michael Jackson was in–he always had a ridiculous ability to create catchy tunes and melodies. Then you sprinkle his voice on those melodies and you have magic. His new single is no different. Would it have been a smash if he were alive and well? Probably not. He [...]

Black Dynamite = Awesome »

Saw the premier tonight. It was funny, dope, and all around awesome. SEE THIS!

Update and Some Thoughts.. »

So I’m sorry for the lack of show posts dudes, but the show is going through some changes right now. I believe they are for the greatest good but the show as it stands is not what you’re accustomed to (Ciph posted today’s show on his site) so I may not post it for a [...]

A New Year’s Eve to Remember… »

Well I don’t know about you, but before ’09 got a little bit rough for me–it rocked on New Year’s Eve. I tore down a loft party with my man DJ Quiz. The party was thrown by Alex and Jesse K (NUE Agency) and their people, Cody Liebman, Shareef, and Chris Welsh. The crowd was [...]

Rosenberg Commentary: What the Fuck is Wrong with You Morons?! »

Not “you” — my readers.  The proverbial “you”. Well Ciph definitely got something right about Thanksgiving. People apparently really do go crazy for black Friday shopping. So crazy out in Valley Stream evidently–that crazed shoppers trampled a 34 year old employee to death. Talk about the dumbest fucks in the world. NOT ONLY are you [...]


Tonight’s the night! RevivedAlive..This is gonna be a sick Obama celebration!

RIP Juan Epstein »

Well I just noticed that Ciph has proclaimed the official indefinite end of Juan Epstein so here is today’s show that explains some of it. Download: Morning Show (09/03/08) You guys look at it however you want. I think it is pretty silly to end any sort of trust or friendship over the fact that [...]