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Phife, Ali, and Jarobi on Juan Epstein !!!

Well at first I was disappointed that Q=Tip didn’t show up for this (it was early) but as Ciph pointed out, we have had Tip before. It was amazing to hear about the inception of Tribe and the creation of People’s Instinctive Travels from the other members of ATCQ. Next year when Low End Theory gets celebrated, we will have Tip on with them. This had a few “Juan Ep” gem moments that will blow your mind

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Faith Newman on Juan Ep !!!

Faith is one of the most important behind the scenes people of all time. She also is first generation hip hop nerd. She also happens to have a wonderful personality and incredible memory. Enjoy the stories about Slick Rick, Rick Ruben, Nas, and much more. Juan Ep for life!

Ebro on Juan Epstein Episode 1 !!!

Finally our brother Ebro came by to talk about his entire upbringing and radio career and I won’t front — it’s a hell of a story. Not to mention we did it on Ciph’s first time back in Hot 97 since leaving months ago. Enjoy!

Juan Ep : The Rap Tees Book and a tribute to Producer Jake

This episode is for the real ones. First we bring in DJ Ross 1 who shares the story behind his dope book Rap Tees. This is rap nerd heaven. We also spend some time talking about our amazing brother Jake who passed just passed away.


Stretch and Bobbito Juan Epstein!!!!

Well well well…..This is what I would call MAJ. Nearly two hours with our forefathers in this game. Their movie is available for download this weekend and it is incredible. So many ridiculous gems in here. Enjoy!

FINALLY : De La Soul on Juan Ep!


A3C Hip Hop Festival & Conference

Well we can finally move on from the lost episode. De La sits down with us at A3C in ATL and covers it all–including the formation of the group, Russell Simmons, touring w NWA, lost Native Tongue groups that never happened, Biz hanging out at their high school, and tons more. Thank you guys!

Ciph and Rosenberg (no guest) talk Comedy Cellar, Miss Info, and Atlanta Trip

The title speaks for itself…..

OC Drops Jewelz (Get It??) on Juan Epstein!

I was geeked for this one. OC is one of my favorite 90s legends and I have never heard him talk. Ciph and I were lucky enough to get his story including his relationship with Jay-Z (deeper than you might realize), being MC Serch’s other protege with Nas, how him and Big L were actually just starting a group together when L passed, and how Time’s Up was originally a Pharoahe song that he took for himself.

Before O came through, Laura Stylez came by to be hilarious and adorable as per usual. Enjoy!

Lord Digga Talks Masta Ace and Ready to Die on Juan Ep!!

Don’t know Lord Digga? You slippin son. Digga was of course a key part of the INC in Masta Ace INC and then went on to produce multiple songs on Ready to Die and have an underground hit with “My Flow is Tight” on Game Records. Well he came by to clear the air about things Ace has said about their break up and tell us about working with BIG. Enjoy!

Consequence’s History of A Tribe Called Quest!!

Quence is doing the rounds promoting some new dope music so we decided to make this visit different and make it completely about his time with Tribe. The story starts with Q-Tip just being cousin Jon in Queens and goes all the way to the story of the fallout between Tip and Phife. Rap nerds rejoice!