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Lord Finesse on Juan Epstein!

Yes the Lord came thru to talk about everything. He covers the  start of his career and the role Guru played in it, the creation of DITC, discovering Big L, working with Biggie, working on Chronic 2001 and Detox, and much more!

lord finesse

Juan Ep Bonus!!!! Laura/Carhart Girl and a MAJ Ciph Announcement!

Is Laura a carhart girl?! She came by to discuss it. Plus CIPH dropped a major bomb! This little bonus turned out to be pretty serious! Full episode dropping on Wed!

Easy Mo Bee on Juan Ep!!!

The legendary producer of Warning, The What, Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, and many more classics came by to talk about coming up with Mister Cee, making Ready to Die, working with BIG and Pac, his relationship with Puff and much more!


The Juan Epstein Biggie Retrospective

If you want an official, perfectly organized, and professional Biggie retrospective — go somewhere else. If you want to hear great stories and factoids from Ciph, opinions and memories from me, and a great call from Lord Finesse — listen to this!!

The First Juan Ep Ever!!

Happy #TBT !! The snow pushed back a MAJ Juan Ep which will be recorded next week. In the mean time, for the new heads who have never heard it and the OGs who haven’t heard it in a minute — here is the first Juan Ep ever from 2007! Awkward!

Juan Ep : Who Is Carhart Girl?!

We are a week away from one of the biggest Juan Eps of all time so this week Ciph and I just got together to catch up and talk. We talked about Carhart girl, Ciph’s new life, my first trip to London which is this weekend, Common and John Legend’s Oscar win, and the gift I gave my brother for his birthday. Just some classic Juan Ep for you guys….

Joe Budden on Juan Epstein!

Jersey Joe aka Joey Jumpoff stopped by and was much more chipper than usual! Why? Well it sounds like Joe is joining the podcast world which is going to be MAJ. But he also just was in the mood to shoot the breeze and catch up. He also brought our psychotic friend Marissa Mendez who you may remember from the end of 2014 episode. Enjoy!

Fat Jew on Juan Ep!

Rapper, instagram star, beef jerky model, handsome devil. He is all of these things. He has also been my bud for several years. Meet the Fat Jew. He tells us how it all happened, what celebs follow him, which celeb he may have sex with soon, and an amazing Kanye West story. Good morning!

fat jew juan ep


Ignore the troll from Ciph. Juan Ep returns with another state of the union. We also talk about my father’s obsession with Gideon Yago, cursing too much, and some solutions┬áto Juan Ep’s financial questions. plus phone calls to Donald Glover’s manager, Fam, Nore (who was ACTUALLY on the run), and Questlove’s voicemail.


NEW Juan Ep — What’s Happening with Ciph?!

There is a lot happening at the station and with Nessa starting the afternoon shift on Monday at 3 pm, where does that leave Juan? We discuss all of that, Ciph’s weight loss, and much more on a NO GUEST Juan Ep!