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Kid Capri on Juan Epstein!

Man oh man. Nearly two hours with the greatest party DJ of all time. This goes so deep and so nerdy and so much DJ talk and so much behind the scenes. This is what happens when you have two lifelong DJs interview one of the best DJs on Earth. We also talk about Ciph and my recent solo adventures and spend a few minutes on the Chinx tragedy.

Throwback Juan Ep : Patrice O’Neal (Oct 2011)

Based on last week’s episode we had to bring it back. If you have never heard this before — enjoy a treat. This was recorded about two weeks before Patrice passed away.


Juan Ep Remembers Patrice O’Neal


True Juan Ep heads know and love the talents of the late great Patrice O’Neal. His lady, Von Deacarlo, came by to talk about her Indiegogo campaign to make the Patrice documentary and so much more about her relationship with our old pal. Enjoy! RIP Patrice!

Mister Cee Part 2 on Juan Ep!

Whoa hey! Mister Cee came back for part 2 and this one was SOMETHING ELSE! Cee chronicles Biggie’s entire career in a true retrospective. You are very welcome…..

cee part 2



Life, Death, and Internet Hate on Juan Epstein

There is a lot going on in the lives of Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. So we sat down for some good Ciph and Rosenberg one on one time. We cover a LOT of different stuff here– none of which is classic hip hop! We hope you dig it anyway!

Marley Marl on Juan Ep Part 2!!!!

Live from the House of Hits and this time Marley is playing us rarities discussed on Part 1! Enjoy!

Mister Cee on Juan Ep Part 1!!

mister cee

Mister Cee makes his first official appearance on Juan Ep and talks about his childhood at the park jams,  how he discovered djing, met Big Daddy Kane, life on the Road with Kane and friends, and much more.



Lord Finesse on Juan Epstein!

Yes the Lord came thru to talk about everything. He covers the  start of his career and the role Guru played in it, the creation of DITC, discovering Big L, working with Biggie, working on Chronic 2001 and Detox, and much more!

lord finesse

Juan Ep Bonus!!!! Laura/Carhart Girl and a MAJ Ciph Announcement!

Is Laura a carhart girl?! She came by to discuss it. Plus CIPH dropped a major bomb! This little bonus turned out to be pretty serious! Full episode dropping on Wed!

Easy Mo Bee on Juan Ep!!!

The legendary producer of Warning, The What, Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, and many more classics came by to talk about coming up with Mister Cee, making Ready to Die, working with BIG and Pac, his relationship with Puff and much more!