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Juan Ep Bonus : Phife/Rosenberg Interview from 2004 …

Back in 2004, Phife Diggy came by my crib in Maryland and we talked about everything. I just found the interview and thought I would share. Almost an hour with our favorite Dog. We miss you so much man. PR

Jadakiss Back on Juan Ep (#NOEBRO)

Haha relax…it was just one episode with Ebro. In this edition–Jada comes by and just hangs with me and ciph for an hour…good times

My Nicki Minaj “Make Up” Mix

I am very happy about today’s interview with Nicki. If you have not seen it yet click HERE . It was a long time coming and I was really grateful for how much time she gave me. The fact is this — Nicki is an iconic figure in the game and I never had planned a “beef” with her. I did not like “Starships” for her or any other Hip Hop Icon. I never thought that would ruin her permanently. I just didn’t dig it. After all the bullshit — she came in and was gracious and cool. We hugged off the air and moved on. Grown up shit. Thanks for watching!

Now enjoy a mix that really shows the things that make Nicki spectacular. You don’t have to like her (or “Starships”) but you have to respect her MC acumen..

Amazing Juan Ep with Mannie Fresh!

Shout out to the Red Bull Academy! Man was this special! One of my all time favorites! Also– sitting in on the interview was the Red Bull Music Academy curator Davide Bortot– who knew way too much about hip hop!