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Kanye Rants by Donwill feat. Chill Moody and Von Pea »

[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] and a dope kid named Ne$$ is on here too…Donwill sent me this tune and I said I had to get it as an exclusive. Tanya Morgan album out tomorrow! “I’m OFF THAT GOOSE RIGHT NOW!!!!”

The Process with Schoolboy Q »

Great talk with my bro from Black Hippy. This dude is about to be out of here!

The Process with Ab-Soul »

Have you peeped my series with Complex? This episode is amazing… Waddup Black Hippy!

Macklemore and I Talk Race, Homophobia, Kendrick, and More »

Smart dude. Great chat. Hate if you want but I respect this kid’s pedigree big time. He drops some serious knowledge on this rhyme too.

Jadakiss Back on Juan Ep (#NOEBRO) »

Haha relax…it was just one episode with Ebro. In this edition–Jada comes by and just hangs with me and ciph for an hour…good times

The First Radio Interview with Big Pun’s Son, Chris Rivers »

Wow there is a lot here. The kid talks just like his dad. If you want to hear if he raps like Pun, check his freestyle out.

The Process Episode 1: Raekwon »

If you dig nerdy and awesome rap talk–you will love my new series with Complex. Rae drops some serious gems here!

My Nicki Minaj “Make Up” Mix »

[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] I am very happy about today’s interview with Nicki. If you have not seen it yet click HERE . It was a long time coming and I was really grateful for how much time she gave me. The fact is this — Nicki is an iconic figure [...]

Amazing Juan Ep with Mannie Fresh! »

Shout out to the Red Bull Academy! Man was this special! One of my all time favorites! Also– sitting in on the interview was the Red Bull Music Academy curator Davide Bortot– who knew way too much about hip hop!