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Your Old Droog Hangs on Juan Epstein!

Your Old Droog is a dope Brooklyn MC who you should definitely be checking.  After recording Real Late, he hung out with Ciph and me as we did Juan Ep. Laura Stylez hung as well as we took a stroll down memory lane, playing old bits from our morning show and hearing great Rawkus stories from Ciph.

Crooked I on Juan Epstein !!

Statik King aka Statik Selektah and King Crooked stopped by Juan Ep. We spent the 80 minutes focused on Crooked’s story–most notably his years hanging in the LBC w Snoop and being signed to Suge Knight. Stories Galore! This episode kind of caught me by surprise! Enjoy!

The First Juan Ep of 2016 !!!

No guests to start off the year (well except Laura and Juanyto) so we decided to do something different We spent 80 minutes playing awesome random hip hop (mostly from the 90s) and talking about it. So enjoy the lesson or stroll down memory lane depending on how deep you go! I think you’re going to love it….let’s see!

Buckwild on Juan Epstein!

There is only one guy I know of who has produced for Jay, BIG, Nas, Pun, and Big L. His name is Buckwild and he is a cornerstone of DITC and one of the best and most underrated producers of all time. You know we had to close out the year strong! Enjoy Hip Hop nerds!

Phonte Stops by Juan Epstein!

This episode has a lot. Ciph tells a great story about flying on Dave Chappelle’s plane a couple of weeks ago. Then we call my wife to convince her that buying a new place is a good idea. Then Phonte stops by to talk about his new work, breaking up with Little Brother, and tells a great Kanye story.

Duck Down 20 Year SPECTACULAR Juan Ep!!!

Druha, Buckshot, Smiffunwessun, Rock, OGC, a tribute to Sean P, a huge special guest, and performances by everyone! Yes this is a Juan Ep with live performances throughout! Enjoy and thank you for 20 years of amazing music!

Phife, Ali, and Jarobi on Juan Epstein !!!

Well at first I was disappointed that Q=Tip didn’t show up for this (it was early) but as Ciph pointed out, we have had Tip before. It was amazing to hear about the inception of Tribe and the creation of People’s Instinctive Travels from the other members of ATCQ. Next year when Low End Theory gets celebrated, we will have Tip on with them. This had a few “Juan Ep” gem moments that will blow your mind

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Faith Newman on Juan Ep !!!

Faith is one of the most important behind the scenes people of all time. She also is first generation hip hop nerd. She also happens to have a wonderful personality and incredible memory. Enjoy the stories about Slick Rick, Rick Ruben, Nas, and much more. Juan Ep for life!

Ebro on Juan Epstein Episode 1 !!!

Finally our brother Ebro came by to talk about his entire upbringing and radio career and I won’t front — it’s a hell of a story. Not to mention we did it on Ciph’s first time back in Hot 97 since leaving months ago. Enjoy!

Juan Ep : The Rap Tees Book and a tribute to Producer Jake

This episode is for the real ones. First we bring in DJ Ross 1 who shares the story behind his dope book Rap Tees. This is rap nerd heaven. We also spend some time talking about our amazing brother Jake who passed just passed away.