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Young Guru on Juan Ep!!

What is there to say about this?! Guru came up to the Upper West last night and we did two hours of talk about everrrrrrything. He talked D-Dot, Chucky Thompson, Puff, Hov, Bleek, Just, Kanye, and stories upon stories. You’re welcome!

The Beatnuts on Juan Epstein!

Man what is there to say about this?! Informative, passionate, awesome, slightly drunk. It’s all here! Happy birthday Ciph! This was amazing. I thought I knew. Apparently I was wrong.


Ciph Complains, Kanye vs Rosenberg, and More on Juan Ep!

The title really says at all. Ciph and I were back together to talk about Ciph’s pre birthday depression, the passing of Phife, and Kanye dissing me at Phife’s memorial. If you didn’t hear that story — you will probably want to tune in.

2 Hour Phife Tribute Mix on Juan Ep….

We ain’t done. This aired Sunday night on Hot 97 and I had to give it to our Juan Ep Heads. Track list below….

Phife Intro/After Hours Break

Stir It Up (Steve Biko)

Hot Sex

Check The Rhyme


Busta’s Lament

Scenario Remix


8 Million Stories

Bend Ova

Buggin Out

1, 2 Shit

Oh My God Remix

Peace, Prosperity, and Paper


Jazz (Re-Recording)

La Schmoove

Show Business

1nce Again

Buddy (Remix)

Find a Way


Juan Ep Bonus : Phife/Rosenberg Interview from 2004 …

Back in 2004, Phife Diggy came by my crib in Maryland and we talked about everything. I just found the interview and thought I would share. Almost an hour with our favorite Dog. We miss you so much man. PR

Remembering Phife and a College Dorm Juan Epstein

This has become a terrible week.

We recorded a ridiculous Juan Ep in my guest room with Laura Stylez and my friend from the UK, CarolineSM. That was Tuesday night and we had a blast.

After the news of Wednesday I did a 40 minute extra featuring a long talk with Michael Rappaport about his love for Phife and working with him on the Tribe doc. I also share some personal Phife memories. Expect a full retrospective next week, but we had to do something.

Fat Joe & Remy Ma on Juan Epstein

Joe comes back for the third time (I think) and this time brings Remy Ma. We cover a lot of ground here. We discuss the new music, Remy and Joe mending fences and much more. The bulk of this conversation, though, ¬†ends up being about Pun and the experience of his death/what it did to the Terror Squad. This is what I call “MAJJJJJJOUR” .

Daddy-O Stet on Juan Ep!

Daddy-O Stet is the heart and soul of the great Stetsasonic. He came by to tell us the history of Stetsa, the behind the scenes of Self Destruction and much more!

Juan Epstein : Talking Grammy Weekend, Chris Rock, and Old School Flex

My man Quartermaine stopped by and we all shot the sh*t about the Troy Ave/Bada$$ BS, my Grammy weekend, Ciph’s job, Tracy Morgan, the Oscars, old school Flex, and much more. Over 80 minutes for that ass! Enjoy!

Tracy Cloherty on Juan Epstein!!

Don’t play yourself. Don’t ever play yourself. This woman is as important to Hot 97 and 90s hip hop as anyone. From Flex to Ed Lover, to Star, to Wendy, to Angie — whoa whoa whoa. This is MAJOR talk!