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Kevin Liles on Juan Epstein (Def Jam 30 Special!)

kevin liles


This is just more good old stories from Def Jam and beyond.

Intro from Russell Simmons himself.


  1. Kevin Liles got the Elliot Wilson laugh

  2. this was not impressive

  3. Peter Rosenberg

    June 13, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks guys. I had a burrito today, stomach is mustard gas. Farting all day.

  4. Kevin Liles was low in the mix but besides that the content was excellent. Get a new limiter plug in. The quality of sound a 5. The quality of content a 10.

  5. Thanx for the hardwork man we hip hop heads appreciate you rosenberg!!

  6. Yo Angie left for Power 105?!? WTF!!

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