Masta Ace and EMC on Juan Epstein!!


Plus the very funny Jessimae Peluso as a bonus!! Better late than never!!

10 thoughts on “Masta Ace and EMC on Juan Epstein!!”

  1. The audio volume on this is mad low. I can’t believe after all this time you guys can’t get it right. You guys need to put in a little work and step the quality up. Ciph sounds uninterested lately and Rosenberg is sounding cocky but lacking content. Sorry to say this but Combat Jack has taken over the hip hop podcast genre. This is coming from a long time Juan Ep fan. Sad to see this shit slipping away.
    PS. You keep saying to subscribe to iTunes and stop peeping the soundcloud but you post it on sound cloud and then take 5 days to get it up on iTunes. Come on! Take this shit a little more serious or you’re going to lose fans.

    1. @HeatRocks LOL … you’re such a douche…Jack does a great fucking show…i hope you enjoy it…my man do you pay me a red cent? you’re gonna tell me to work harder? in the words of the dude who gets killed at the beginning of Menace — you better SUCK MY D*CK!!!

      1. If you’re gonna put out a product make sure the quality is right first. Your show quality has been lacking over the last year or so and I think you know it and that’s why you responded so angrily instead of taking criticism like a man. I hope the show picks up because I do enjoy it.
        Calm down douche bag. Hahaha

  2. Man you guys got to get more time with these guest. I’m a fan since 2008 and I have to say whether you feel its a competition or not someone else is pulling out ahead of ya’ll with their podcast. PLEASE don’t start going down in the game.

  3. dope episode def need a part 2 with just masta ace. u should get the cella dwellas on the show and get them to tell old loud records stories.

  4. Love the podcast. Fan since ’08. Your audio is very, very quiet…on any of my devices….even at max volume. I’m an audio engineer in training, just test it out please.

  5. Hey big fan of all the Juan Eps man, I’m also a big fan of Harry Fraud and from listening to the podcast I can tell you are to. That would be a dope fuckin episode cause Fraud’s a genius. Masta Ace is an OG too, A part 2 with him would be ill.

  6. Thanks guys. Been eating healthy, but my stomach is still bloated. I keep farting in the studio.
    More great podcasts to come!

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