Russell Simmons On Juan Ep Part 1 (Def Jam 30 Special)


You think you know what you’re getting here? You’re wrong. The pure history of Def Jam and basically the history of hip hop from Russell himself. We only make it til about 1985 but part 2 is a coming! I cannot believe I didn’t even know what Def Jam really meant. Wow…

14 thoughts on “Russell Simmons On Juan Ep Part 1 (Def Jam 30 Special)”

  1. Dopeeeeee!!! and stop with the parts. It better when you don’t say it then it happens and it feels like a cool surprise then when you say it but we never get it.

  2. No R&B straight hip hop I don’t want no baselines on my shit I so fucks with russ ………LOLOLOL

  3. Dope! On part 2 you got to ask Russell how he felt about Marley Marl because Marley said in one interview that he had Russell and everybody at Def Jam wondering how he was making his beats because sampling wasn’t prevalent until Marley started making beats.

  4. Great Juan Ep. If you get Russell back make sure Mr Cee doesnt need any recording device so that you can finish the interview.

  5. Dope interview! A couple points – the ‘zer zer zers’ on the Planet Rock joint are ‘cos the MC forgot the lyrics and started scatting, the shit sounded fly so they left it in the final recording.

    Also, Ciph – Greg Nice is on the back cover of the first T La Rock album, but he ain’t on the earlier ‘It’s Yours’ single.

  6. Dope.

    As far as “Pt. 1″ – lol. Even Ciph knew that aint happening for a LONG TIME when he asked “when’s your next book coming out?”. Cuz most of them – especially cats like Russell – aint gonna show up unless they gon plug something.

    Im still waiting on Irv Gotti & Ja to do pt 2, Lol. Just Blaze? Lol. The list goes on.

    But i still love the podcast and appreciate everything we get.

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