Pharoahe Monch on Juan Epstein!

Our streak is like the new Undertaker streak! Pharoahe comes by to talk about his whole career including great Organized stories, Rawkus era stories, working on The Lifer’s Group project, making no money off of “Simon Says”, and where he ranks among the top MCs of all time.

12 thoughts on “Pharoahe Monch on Juan Epstein!”

  1. The amount of Juan Eps in the last 5 days is outstanding. Keep em coming. I saw a Jim Bruer on YouTube yesterday. Will the full interview be released? And why was that out before the full Juan Ep if so?

  2. Yeah we’ll remember that when we see the video…the 5 pounds of shit you’re holding in. Not.

  3. was listening to pharoahes new album when i came across this. PTSD is a classic. kno this juan ep is gunna b a gem. Pharoahe is only other mc i put in category w pun. One of the GOATs

  4. You’re right about Pharoahe being forgotten when talking top 10′s, he has a great catalogue and a unique style. Definitely seems like a genuine nice guy too which is too rare in the industry.

  5. Hey, The podcast episodes are good and all but the audio quality is pretty bad lately. I sub on iTunes and I have to turn volume up all the way and turn the volume up all the way on my beats pill in order to barely hear the episodes, especially this one.

  6. @Kyle hell yeah. I always forget to edit the volume on my iTunes too. If I’m listening on my iPod its up to the Max.

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