Tracy Morgan on Juan EP!!!!

Finally our biological father Tracy Morgan came by to do Juan Epstein. He was in rare form. I mean what more has to be said? His new special airs Sunday night on Comedy Central at 10 pm and uncensored at 1 am.

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  1. I couldn’t figure out how the fuck to leave a comment on itunes b/c i’m not apple savvy, but I gave ya’ll six stars on every podcast i could. Another good one.

    And u gotta admit…although a lot of us have grown to love the directionless banter of juan ep, most of us found out about juan ep through the interviews. Almost all of juan ep’s fame comes from the interviews.

    soundcloud, spotify ))))))))))))))))itunes

  2. wow, holy poop times 10, one of my comments got read on this ep haha, classic, I MADE IT!!

    Unlike some of the others it doesn’t bother me when you diss us core fans. I’ve grown used to it, it’s actually kind of funny. Anyways, regarding the show, I din’t like the first two eps but the third one was dope, hopefully it keeps going like that.

    About the Juan Ep social, which I wont attend cause I live in Detroit. You guys should only play music from artists who have been on Juan Epstein. Also, having some LA cats would be dope. Like Alchemist, Evidence etc…

  3. The gem in this episode is when Tracy gets crazy uncomfortable when asked about mandingo. I almost lost my job for laughing so hard at that.
    Dope JuanEP

  4. Could Deanni be on the tv show…She has good butt. I went to hs with her. Not so sneaky good butt

  5. Great episode!
    Few things:
    1. Excited for juan ep shirts!!!
    2. The ultimate juan ep guest, though he would be impossible to get, like a 3 hour Loyr Cohen episode. That would be mind blowing

  6. Whut up PMD! I haven’t commented in a while, but I haven’t left. I’m still here. Anyhow, much success to you & Ciph on the show. What’s dope is that you’re getting a lot of new Juan ep fans. what’s even doper is that they can’t get access to the very first juan eps on iTunes from ’07 when it was literally just you and ciph talking shit and telling stories and when guests were non-existent. keep doing your thing. that said, i would cum all over your wife’s sneaky big tits, respectfully. you’re a lucky guy to have Alexa. Peace.

  7. Ciph’s rendition of Danny Glover is exactly how I describe that song to people who haven’t heard it

  8. tracy morgan can be a bit too much at times, the highlight was him uncomfortable with the mandingo question… other than that, the last part was VINTAGE juan ep. i must be the only juan epper that only listen to what rosenberg would consider “shit”, young thug, chief keef, gucci mane, oj da juiceman etc etc, and ive been a juan epper since before they did interviews. when ciph started singing danny glover i almost shat myself from laughter, and when you guys played stoner on your show last week i turned the fuck up…

    the nicki and rihanna idea was hilarious. other than that, rosenberg you sound sometimes like you sweat during the podcast.. do more cardio to get keep your health in check

    anyways. just wanted to say that part 2 of this podcast was probably the best episode you guys have done in about 4-5 years. whenver you and ciph have something to discuss, always save it for juan ep. and to speak on the show… you guys are ALRIGHT on it, but angie and miss info makes me want to punch my television, its so forced.. flex is decent cuz hes not afraid to make fun of him self.

  9. Great episode, Tracy can be a bit random, which worked in small doses on 30 Rock or SNL sketches but like you said I was hoping to get behind all of that here… Still great though and the rest of the ep was brilliant too, good to know you still read comments and will keep on doing this regardless of how big you get off the TV stuff.

  10. Peace Rosenberg, Cipha! Let me begin by saying Salute to you guys doing some really fantastic work with Juan Ep. I look forward to these than when the artists are on the air with you guys. Juan Ep interviews are wayyy more in depth and entertaining as a Hip Hop fan. My boys and I listen and discuss these shits like we’re in a book club or some shit.

    This Juan Ep was fuggin hilarious. Tracy giving Chops’ backstory was priceless, partly because that shit really exists!

    My one somewhat gripe isn’t even with you Rosenberg, it’s with ya man Ciph. At around the 58 minute mark you were reading a comment from someone and they mentioned that they enjoyed Laura and Karlies camera time on the show. Ciph reacted like “Karlie!?!?!??!” Like he was in disbelief Karlie got love. Let me tell you Karlie has a Sneaky Slammin Body! Don’t let the shaved head fool you. That chic is hot as fuck! Between her and Laura I don’t know who I want to power bang more! Shaved head chics are freaks! LOL.

    I think you guys should seriously set up that Paparazzi moment with Rihanna and Nicki. That would be hilarious.

    Quick request for future Juan Eps, De La/ Evidence (Dilated Peoples)/ Diamond D

    Keep up the good work.

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