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Hannibal Buress on Juan Epstein

One of Ciph and my favorite guys came by to talk about Chicago, comedy, hip hop, being newly famous, and everything else. Oh and we convince him to call Amy Poehler at the end! LOL classic Juan Ep.


  1. Great episode. Hannibal is a funny dude.

  2. Dope episode as always.

    Yesterdays episode of the tv show was the first i actually enjoyed. First two eps weren’t really good in my opinion and they made me cringe a lot. This one, however, was great. Hopefully it keeps getting better.

  3. Peter Rosenberg

    April 21, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    Thanks guys. Stay tuned. More great guests. I took such a big dump after this Juan EP. I dropped like a 12 inch dildo sized load in the Hot 97 bathroom. My butt hole got stretched out.


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