Smoke Dza and TV Show Talk on Juan Epstein

First me and Ciph just kick and talk about our new TV fame and taking Juan Ep on the road. Then Smokey joins us to talk Harlem life and much more!

22 thoughts on “Smoke Dza and TV Show Talk on Juan Epstein”

  1. Funny episode, guys. BTW..the TV show was hilarious. And this came to me literally just this second…but the you gotta get Ghostface on the show.

  2. so i just found juan ep a couple of months ago and i desperately want to listen to the old episodes, but i can’t get them anywhere. just in case you didn’t know: the servers for season 3 and earlier don’t even work on your own website. can somebody post a link to some kind of archive please?! i need this!

  3. @JB they musta just went down. I was listening to old episodes a few months ago on here. ITunes has some old ones but they don’t go back as far

    Rosenberg wife comments>>>>>> lmao

  4. Eh you guys are bugging. Watched the show, surprised they even gave you a second episode, not even a giggle. The “gems” you claim to be giving are barely vomit covered shit balls. Frankly, calling this show a comedy is being far too liberal with the term. Yall are feeling yourselves a little too much.

    Stick to the juan eps. The hiphop nerdery is more your thing

  5. Regarding the show. I hate. To say this, specially as a gigantic Juan Ep fan who has been listening nonstop since 2011, but has listened to every Ep at least twice. I’m not really feeling the show. Too much cringe man, I just. Find myself cringing a lot and not really finding it funny. Every now and then It does offer some funny part but overall it feel very forced and scripted. Mostly, it isn’t even you guys part but the rest, that feel really forced. The Angie, flex, info parts are just horrid. But, as long as they show more stylez and karlie, I’ll keep watching lol

  6. Lolo … blow me…you fall into a certain category of people who don’t get the show and thats fine…but I have more faith my sense of humor than yours…SORRY!

    @JG …yeah ur wrong too….

    @JB i just searched the archives on my site and was listening to juan eps off of here going to the way beginning…not sure whats going on for you

  7. @pmd yeah i forgot to say that i wanna download the episodes. you’re right, they are on your site, but all the download links are expired. i got many many hours of catching up to do and i would rather like to do that on the go instead of hunching in front of my laptop. thanks for the reply though

  8. The difficulty with the hybrid reality/scripted format is that it requires you guys to act, and not everyone really has that ability just yet. Hopefully, it’s get picked up and those that need it, can start to work on their craft. I’m rooting for y’all though.

  9. Yo Rosenberg

    You said ‘If youre a Juan Ep fan and you dont watch the show, go fuck yourself’

    YO GENIUS – A huge % of your Juan Ep WARRIORS live outside of the US, aka outside of VH1 shitty restricted viewing area – we can’t watch the show on tv, we can’t watch the show online, we can’t even watch the teasers on – it doesn’t let us.


  10. pmd telling fans they can blow you, for not liking a horrid VH1 show? Since you let Ebro son you with Nicki you guys have gone to shit miss. Cipha does sound happier though

  11. ive been a juan ep listener since day one. so the new vh1 show is reluctantly being DVRed on my box, just to show support. and IMO, it’s pretty silly. I can’t really be mad though bc I figured it would really be an exposure opportunity more than anything, so I wasn’t expecting much anyway. now im not a huge fan of reality tv to begin with, but regardless I don’t really get the whole scripted format thing. I think it would be better if it was just true behind the scenes footage instead. so it def comes off as forced. like someone above said, y’all aren’t actors. and it shows.

    I also agree with @stoops, don’t diss your core fans man, not cool. dude made valid points and it sounds like you’re on your own shit a little too much already. unless you’re writing the script yourself I don’t see what you have to take offense about. i’d say take a step back and judge your work from an objective point of view before getting salty. remember – don’t get gassed brother!

  12. don’t know how long you have been a fan of the podcast, but if you know me at all — you know I have ALWAYS dissed the shit out of people who claim to be fans of us and dis us…we do Juan Ep for free for the people who love it..if people have criticism or are quick to hate on our other ventures — I will say fuck off quick and never regret it..I would rather do Juan Ep for 40 people who love everything about it than 30,000 who wanna try to get us to do the show THEY want..this show came from me and ciph’s weird personalities and that’s what it is…we believe wholeheartedly in this TV show and we wish those who dig our podcast would give it a chance…if you fuck with us you’re not bailing after one episode…just the way I see it..

  13. I’ll start by saying that I never comment on anything. It could be because I think I’m too cool for internet shit talking or it could just be pure apathy. I don’t know but I felt compelled to write on this one because I know that Peter actually reads comments. Like most of the Juan Ep Podcasts, this one was good. I just wanted to add that I don’t see how these longtime “fans” can have so much hate for the show. I get excited just watching people that I listen and keep up with on television. It’s kind of like watching a half hour of the short vids from YouTube but funnier. Juan Ep is my favorite medium out of all, but that’s mostly because I’ve lived with it longest and it’s the one that truly reeled me in to everything else. My bullshit cable provider (charter) doesn’t even carry VH1 in my apartment complex but I catch them on the vh1 site. That puff mommy shit was classic. I died laughing even before I heard Ciph explain the meaning behind it. I’ve just never heard anyone say puff mommy. You’re hilarious on the show as well Rosenberg. Maybe some of these bums will turnaround and jump on board. It’s a hit so I think you’ll be fine in the end.

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