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  1. watched the vh1 show last night and the best part of the show is u and ciph. miss info is hot but the show is #Sheesh. if you guys get hannibal buress (or any other comedian or actor) on juan ep it would be dope to hear what kind of hip hop they like and grew up with. you look awkward in this picture rosenberg


  2. Wow, you’re bigtime now, good work mate. Nice site, but is this one staying for Juan Ep? (it currently links back here)

  3. I’d switch up that pic on the new site Pete – looks like you’re going to junior prom or some shit.

    Super gay.

  4. “And then last Thursday, it happened again, this time it was the folks on social media trending #CancelColbert and completely forgetting about Dan Snyder and the real foundation to promote the racial slur Redsk*ns. Once again, ostensibly about us, but of the issue garnered no real attention until it fell in someone else’s hands and then they, once again, forgot about us.

    No, it wasn’t Stephen Colbert who forgot about us, nor was is “Stephen Colbert,” a character played by comedian Stephen Colbert, to satirize the extreme insensitivity of Republican conservatism. His show, The Colbert Report did a whole skit skewering Dan Snyder, billionaire owner of the Washington Redsk*ns, and Snyder’s new Original Americans Foundation (OAF), exposing it — through satire — as a blatant attempt to use charity to provide cover for his NFL team’s racist name. It was the hashtaggers, PoC (People of Color) and progressives, our own allies on Twitter who trended the hashtag #CancelColbert in response to the fictional foundation’s name featured in the skit. And yet, Dan Snyder’s real foundation promoting an ethnic slur against us, a foundation that actually exists, failed to garner even a tiny fraction of outrage by the same group. In fact, in her Time Magazine article that followed the enormous success of #CancelColbert, hashtag originator Suey Park failed to mention Snyder’s foundation at all. She certainly did not mention the Native hashtag protesting it #Not4Sale, despite it being covered by Mike Wise at the Washington Post and Al Jazeera America’s The Stream just days before. Only one reporter, Jeff Yang of the Wall Street Journal included any mention of Native responses to it.”

    – Jacqueline Keeler

    AKA Fuck the RedSlurs.

  5. Yo, Rosenberg i got nothing but praise for you. Juan Ep output has been amazing, the Vh1 show really is getting better with each episode.

    Would really love it if you guys could find a way to get some UK grime artists on juan ep, like Skepta and anyone from BBK (I know ciph is cool with Skepta and he is in the US semi regularly)

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