Sean C and LV on Juan Epstein!!!

WOW WOW WOW…LV was Big Pun’s DJ so those stories are madness. Sean C was an original member of the X-Men and Loud Records A&R. They produced most of American Gangster and they have a new dope album out now for free at !! This is amazing! Better than I even hoped.

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  1. Thanks!! Dope ep.

    I’ll be honest here, I watched the first ep of the VH1 show. Only good parts were the parts with you and ciph.
    After that, there was a lot of parts that just made me cringe. A lot of forced things. Like the Mack Wilds part where hes uncomfortable from the question, definitely not what his reaction would be based on your relationship from listening to Juan EP. All the Angie and Flex parts were awkward too.

    I guess it would be better if I wasn’t a Juan Ep fan. Maybe I know you guys too well. It’s alright tho, ill keep giving it ratings cause I support Juan Ep, I wish it success and hopefully it gets better as it goes.

  2. Great episode, you can’t beat a good Pun story but I liked hearing about the history of these guys because I had no idea they went back so far. I’ll check the TV show if it ever makes it to these shores.

  3. This is my new favorite Juan Ep. Pun and J stories? Classic. Glad to hear the t-shirts are finally coming out. Yo PMD how about some Juan Ep stickers for laptops and what not?

  4. JG – Peter actually asked him that question for the on air interview they did with him. It was re-enacted, but it was pretty true to life. I think it’s on the Hot youtube account.

    Really good ep. Loved the Technics mixer talk. And all the X-Men stuff? Never expected to hear that on Juan Ep. I had no idea Sean C started the X-Men. Thought it was Dr. Butcher/Steve D this whole time. Crazy.

  5. Funny how Rosenberg is real dismissive about Dead Prez…And real sarcastic about Lord Jamar bringing them in…obviously! lol

  6. First of all, as usual, this was an amazing Juan Ep. Pun stories were priceless. Second, congrats on the show! Lastly and more importantly, I took your advice and went to the beginning of Juan Ep. I won’t front I was definitely sleeping on the podcast and got hooked last year. It’s like crack. You guys have some serious gems. I was always wondering why the older episodes weren’t on itunes. So, thanks for telling us to stfu and stop complaining and go to your site because now I was able to hear from the beginning. Have to admit I’m definitely spoiled and we all are because the second season must have sucked for those listeners since you were dropping ONLY one a month for a few months. No bueno. Hearing the development of you and Ciph’s relationship is pretty great and the dynamic you two have is priceless. I remember when I heard the Capone episode, when you and Ciph were having some rough times in regards to your careers and were supporting each other and then to go back and hear how ROUGH it was learning to work with each other in the beginning episodes is just a testament to you two and your perseverance to be successful. Big ups to you guys. Long live Juan Epstein. Also, I hope miraculously that the De La interview one day reappears.

    I like turtles.

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