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EPIC : Marley Marl on Juan Epstein!

What can I say? The most important producer in hip hop history? I got my dj name from his show and got my love of music from his beats. Enjoy!


  1. Bit of a let down since it’s only 51 minutes long I was expecting a Dante Ross almost 2 hour long juan ep

  2. Never heard of Snowflake Records before. Check out “Forever Dis” by The Terminators, DJ Polo’s first group. It’s a Run DMC “Together Forever” dis produced by Marley and written by Shan. Crazy. Not a patch on the Run DMC song but interesting history. The b-side, “Polo”, is decent though.

  3. @Los part 2 is HAPPENING

  4. @pmd rosenberg I been listening since the very beginning back in ’07, YOU GUYS ALWAYS SAY A PART 2 OR 3 IS HAPPENING haha

  5. 10 mins in. His smacking is killing me.

  6. Yes…. no guests should be chewing gum.

  7. This was just a tease please do a Part 2

  8. Dopenesssssssssss

  9. Part 2 better be up by next week

  10. Maaaaan!!!! Don’t flake on part 2 dammit….yall never do it….lol This is a top 5 Juan Ep….hands down!!!

  11. DV Alias Krhyst after Nate and before T-Pain
    Akon also

  12. So good. Thanks PMD. Keep em coming.

  13. This was fantastic, and don’t mess with is about Part 2, that needs to happen.
    Peter, you going to the Illmatic 20th anniversary in DC at the end of the month?

  14. Yall gotta do part 2 and are comin down sxsw?

  15. Dude…you & I both. It’s annoying as hell! lol

  16. Dope interview, now how about Melle Mel.

  17. Great interview. I have been listening to The Bridge on repeat for a few days – amazing beat (not such great lyrics)

  18. your a fag for real

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