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9th Wonder on Juan Epstein!!! Featuring Rapsody and ADD-2

9th has been my friend for years so he came by with Rapsody and ADD-2 in honor of the release of his “Jamla is the Squad” album. Live, learn, enjoy! JUAN EP!!!


  1. Where’s that live jadakiss juan ep

  2. ADD-2!!! 3 minutes in and I’m amped!

  3. I thought I’d hear more ADD-2, but ended up with a lot of knowledge from 9th. Dope episode. ADD-2′s Tale Of Two’s City Vol.2 Return of the Menace from 2008 was fire.

  4. dopenesssss, even tho 9th has me blocked on twitter and i dont remember why lol

  5. Rosenberg spoke NO shit on Duke when 9th brings it up. F U rosenberg

  6. What are you talking about, Bugz?! He said he’d shit on it. How about that Syracuse/Duke game though?! GO ORANGE!

  7. TV show on Vh1 … hmmmmmm …


  8. Yeah cabo I caught that too. Ready to see what that’s all about.

  9. the iTunes version is jacked up right now

  10. Swizz also produced for both Jay Z and Beyonce.

  11. Great episode, got me reminiscing on the ultra nerdy okayplayer board days.

  12. @peekay didn’t catch that. Regardless GO DUKE!

  13. Yall gotta talk about this TV show man.

  14. Ciph is so disrespectful about music/art he is unfamiliar with. Why call that man out of his name? Rosenburg always gives great interviews as a true lover and fan of hip hop. Ciph always conducts his interviews as a groupie – especially if someone mainstream is there. He’s all in with the mainstream interviews. Groupies never pay attention to underground artists.

  15. thanks for the Phonte talk… need him on Juan EP

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