9th Wonder on Juan Epstein!!! Featuring Rapsody and ADD-2

9th has been my friend for years so he came by with Rapsody and ADD-2 in honor of the release of his “Jamla is the Squad” album. Live, learn, enjoy! JUAN EP!!!

16 thoughts on “9th Wonder on Juan Epstein!!! Featuring Rapsody and ADD-2”

  1. I thought I’d hear more ADD-2, but ended up with a lot of knowledge from 9th. Dope episode. ADD-2′s Tale Of Two’s City Vol.2 Return of the Menace from 2008 was fire.

  2. What are you talking about, Bugz?! He said he’d shit on it. How about that Syracuse/Duke game though?! GO ORANGE!

  3. Ciph is so disrespectful about music/art he is unfamiliar with. Why call that man out of his name? Rosenburg always gives great interviews as a true lover and fan of hip hop. Ciph always conducts his interviews as a groupie – especially if someone mainstream is there. He’s all in with the mainstream interviews. Groupies never pay attention to underground artists.

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