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Dante Ross on Juan Epstein!!!!!!!

And you thought Serch was good? Listen to epic stories about the Beasties, LONS, Q-Tip, The Beatnuts, Pete Rock and CL, Brand Nubian, 3rd Bass, MF Doom, and so much more! 105 minutes of hip hop LEGEND!




  2. Listening to it as we speak…I’m sure it’s full of gems…love that you decided to post this first thing in the morn…it’s 6 AM and a nigga is already Juan Epsteining.

    Sup with those shirts doe?

  3. Big up to ya’ll. CLASSIC Juan EP

  4. dope!!! thanks!! def helping this morning feel good

  5. The tribe song with the repeated second verse is Sucka Nigga. Oh My God only has one full verse, the second verse is a only a few bars.

  6. This was incredible. I’m going to have to hear it a few times just to catch all the gems.

  7. Great stories! ODB segment was awesome. Took me back. Classic, informative & entertaining.

  8. This Juan Ep was long as fuck. But it STILL wasn’t long enough.

    I’m mad that Ciph wasn’t an ODB or DOOM fan.

  9. dope dope episode this is why you guys have the best hip hop podcast

  10. This is fucking EPIC! Keep up the good work.

    What a cool guy. I never knew the A&R wrote the credits.

  11. great stuff…is it just me or does Dante Ross look like Scott Storch’s brother

  12. Even when the episode is LONG AS FUCK. Y’all still managed to run out of time lol.

  13. This was one of the best Juan Eps of all time. Had no idea who this guy was and man had to stop a couple of times to search stuff that he was talking about. Amazing. Hopefully you have him again so this episode doesn’t get forgotten about

  14. thank you guys for makn these one of the cooler thing on the internet

  15. That was whole book. Incredible. Thx.

  16. big ups! Dante Ross is a legend.

  17. FYI: Akai sampler fact check.

    The S612 and S700/x7000 were the first 12bit samplers Akai made and they used quick disks.
    They were followed by the s900 and s950.

  18. Amazing Juan Ep! One of the best yet. I gotta say though – I always loved the first Shazzy album! There was some serious SD50 production flavor on there and Shazzy was dope with the lyrics:

  19. After reading his interview on unkut I’d been hoping you guys would have him on.

  20. this was a good ep

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