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Jo Koy on Juan Epstein

You like those shit talk, story-telling Juan Eps? Well here you go. 70 minutes of us and the hilarious Jo Koy talking about women, LA life, Filipinos, and well — women. Jo also spends 10 minutes hitting on Brittany Sky! All ridiculous. Enjoy!


  1. Haven’t listened to this episode yet but I’m gonna preemptively say “that’s racist”

  2. Gotdamn right, Nitty Scott. #positivesheesh

  3. Great episode, haha at the build-up of Asian jokes and Cipha talking about the escort thing

  4. Dope, another classic!

  5. #PussyIsPizza

  6. Jo Koy = Joke Thief

  7. cipha: “whoa that’s a lot of likes…. I gotta get pretty”


  8. I’ve been waiting all my life for another Jo Koy jaun ep.

  9. Dope episode. I’m 5 miles from Studio City so it was extra entertaining.

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