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MC Serch on Juan Epstein!

Arguably one of the great Juan eps of all time. Serch tells stories of Slick Rick as a high school sophomore, meeting Russell Simmons in 1980, forming 3rd Bass, the death of Subroc (and subsequent birth of MF Doom), and his history with Nas. Epic! Check Serch doing his daytime talk thing weekdays at 4pm eastern!!


  1. Whoa. Just saw a commercial for Serch’s new show the other day and stared at the wall for about five minutes in confusion. Bout to listen. So glad I just hit refresh on my browser. Peace Juan Ep.

  2. Dope, the show looks really bad but I wish him luck

  3. Just heard him on the champs podcast … his MC Hammer story is fucking CRAZY !!!!


  4. serch also tells the bushwick bill story on the champs podcast. we need a mf doom x juan epstein episode.

  5. the Bushwalk bill story on the champs was funny as hell..LOLOL

  6. great great episode. thanks.

  7. MC Household Tool

    January 16, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Check out the P Brother’s interview with Serch from WAY back. He covered the whole Hammer hit story and lots more. Best interview Serch ever did!

    This Juan Ep was great too, though!

  8. “I work for cocks in Orlando” -Serch LMAO

  9. SO good, look forward to Part 2. Thanks fellas!

  10. thank you guys, this was very special. serch has some amazing stories, he was there from the beginning. he witnessed hip hop grow before his very eyes. major props to him for sharing, this is some good stuff.

    part 2 is a must do imo.

  11. How are y’all pressed for time on every GOOD episode with a guest?

  12. always good to hear serch reminisce on his hip-hop history – 3rd bass were an incredible group – here’s an interview i did with pete nice last year for anyone looking for some more stories involving the latin quarter, def jam and kmd –

  13. Wow interview was dope seems like a great guy with a great family but saw a show making fun of his show while watching it back its so stupid i thought he was serious aboutthe show being good his dude was all bugging. Wow smh

  14. I must be getting old because I am from down south and even know that Slick Rick and Dana Dane had a group called the Kangol Crew. Matter of fact I think they touch basis on that in the beginning of Brown Sugar.

  15. That manager was pressing for time on Champs ep as well, damn shame.

  16. Definitely one of the best interviews in Juan Ep history. Serch played an important role in hip-hop. Learned a lot



  19. Damn. That’s a helluva interview.

    I love hearing from guys that can recount the history of hip-hop, first hand.

    Thanks so much for doing this!

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