Back from Jamaica and Vermont Juan Ep

90 minutes of Ciph and I talking about everything from my trip in Jamaica with Sean Paul to his near death fall down the stairs and nearly getting stranded in Vermont. Then Miss Info shows up and tells us a great story about a famed hip hop star once whipping his schlong out for no reason. Juan Ep Gold!

28 thoughts on “Back from Jamaica and Vermont Juan Ep”

  1. Back to the Classic recipe, good stuff guys.

    For a sec had a flashback of hating Ebro when he asked;
    “How long is this?”

  2. Awesome episode especially after that last one. Ms. Info’s voice…my lord… her and laura stylez on one episode would be a god send.

  3. honestly this is the best juan ep in a while. compare this, these two dudes vibing joking clowning, to that TRASH BULLSHIT with condescending arrogant childish ass Wale. No guests needed.

  4. GREAT Juan EP, after that horrible Wale podcast (which i would delete from the library of Juan EP)

    cant wait for more great Juan EP for 2014

  5. The Wale one did suck, but I like Wale.. He’s just a typical DMV dude, an asshole with dreds, way more cocky than needed… and that Jesus Peace song was not that crazy… Yes, Wale I listened to the words!!!

  6. I agree, i think it was Ghostface…I think she added the “MA” as a hint that you guys completely missed!!!

  7. Just a suggestion…maybe once a month y’all should have Hot97 radio personalities on Juan Ep to kinda tell their story or whatever…Angie, Flex, Ebro(in not hating mode), and just other random folk who are important to the station and its history but not necessarily on the radio.. I’m sure they have some great stories that would fit Juan Ep perfectly!!!!

  8. Hip Hop Version Of The Howard Stern Show

    PMD – Howard
    Cipha Sounds – Artie/Jackie
    Miss Info – Robin
    Dominican Drew/Shani Kulture – Fred
    Ebro – Gary
    Billy Junior – JD

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