Wale on Juan Ep!!

Holy awkward batman! Juan Ep fans and regular hip hop heads alike should be interested in this weirdo Juan Ep! Happy Holidays! Dope shirts coming in early 2014! YAY!

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  1. Easily the most annoying guest on Juan Ep. Wale is a fucking moron and terribly disrespectful. I have never stopped listening to an episode of Juan Ep in the middle….this one was just unbearable.

  2. Wale’s always gonna be a #2 or 3 guy in a collective, he has some talent but is not elite and all his antics like on the show don’t help him…bootleg kanye is what he should be called. PMD you’ve been doing better lately on the Juan Ep’s quality and quantity wise but i’m hearing more radio character than ever….no bueno

  3. What a tool. I ‘ve never liked Wale’s music and thought maybe he could redeem himself on this podcast – like some of your guests, I’ve come to enjoy since hearing their story.

    But I can’t. He’s a retard, I couldn’t even listen any more. Fucking potato head.

  4. This is why this guy will never be successful or respected. His attitude and personality are shit. He’s not funny or interesting. He acts like he is at the top of the pyramid…he’s not even on the pyramid. This episode is a complete throw away. I’m glad I heard the 10 minutes that I listened to so I know to never pay this guy any mind. Wale, nobody owes you anything.

    I would say delete this episode but it should stay up so people can hear what herb sounds like.

  5. I don’t even know why you posted this. Wale is hands down one of the most overrated rappers in the game. Track on flex last night was trash rap. His explanation that his complex hissy-fit was “for the fans”was embarrassing . Please.. He’s one of the most self absorbed over hyped C+ rapper that gets A- attention because he’s on MMG. I don’t know whats more embarrassing for DC right now, RGIII’s benching or this clown.

  6. ^^ hmmm shud I listen???

    Ike | Dec 18, 2013 | Reply


    “Yes” (c) Wale Voice

  7. (I don’t comment.. but had too)… Before this, I was on his side and wondered why him/the industry couldn’t see eye to eye. He’s just not mature on any level and is very difficult to communicate with. I had to turn it off. If you’re music is great, but you give off this bad vibe.. its not going to work.. Don’t include Kanye, cause he’ll talk your ass off.

  8. Man, i really tried. I really did. I wanted to him give this listen so maybe i could get into his music but WOW this did not help. Oh well, can’t like everyone. Last 10-15 mins of the show was the only enjoyable part.

    Hopefully we can get a solo Juan Ep for christmans.

  9. WOW what a horrible Juan EP, Wale is horrible, straight street mentality, uneducated person. Please go back to the real Jaun EP history, real artist, Fck artist like Wale. he will be out the industry with his horrible attitude. low level tear artist

  10. 1st ever Juan EP I couldn’t even stay on past 15min. i would of preferred to hear Rosenburg and Cipha talk non sense for a hour. Delete this from your database and put up something better.

  11. Wtf is this. This guys has no respect for your audience. It would have been better to do a best of 2013 wrap up.

  12. Shout out to PMD for trying his best to get a solid interview out of whale (loved how you kept calling him that). This should’ve been a classic episode. Only highlight was the t-shirt talk and hearing laura’s sexy ass voice.

  13. The Wale part was tedious but not as bad as I was expecting based on others comments. He is an insecure emotional guy. He should be happy he’s making good money making music that he likes. That’s all that should matter but I understand it’s tough to take the criticism.
    Ciph’s finish to this pod was hilarious.

  14. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE WALE! I liked Wale, till I saw him live acting like he didn’t even want to be on stage, and THEN I started hearing the interviews. Usually he whines, and acts cocky. I never even explored the idea of media hating him, but if they do this interview is why. Step aside and open the slot for someone who wants to do this.

  15. @Bobbito

    Street mentality though? What part of this was street mentality? More like an emotionaa diva esque attitude & mentality. Him being black does not make this a street mentality, especially if he didnt disclose anything close to it. I know what you meant by it but its still not the accurate term.

    Wale ruined it though, definitely. Made it worse for himself.

  16. the last 10 min of shirt talk was the best part of this episode. wale is a certified douche. that song about the jesus piece is boring and doesn’t have the same feel as “i gave you power” or “stray bullet”. i was a fan of dude when he dropped 100 miles and running and his first album after that he fell off.

  17. First time I didn’t listen all the way through an episode. This guy just isn’t interesting. He needs to listen to the Nelly episode of Juan Epstein.

  18. @Deglin, J

    Fell of is relative to you. Just say that you dont fuck with him anymore, way more understandable. Hip-hop fans get it fucked up thinking their opinion is law.

    There is nothing that proves Wale or anyone else fell off. Just say you dont fuck with him. Im not a fan but i just hate that saying, especially how loose that term is.

  19. Never posted anything on here. But this is the worst JuanEpstein ever.I kinda liked Wale before this. Now im going into ignore mode on everything he puts out. Most childish dude ever.

  20. I’m beginning to believe that Rosenberg put this one out to put the last nail in the Wale career coffin. Why else would someone upload that insufferable moron? Well done Rosenberg…well done.

  21. At least Kanye can back up his shit talk…

    Wale’s album was average, the cover looked like trash.

    The Jesus piece song? How does that make you a brilliant rapper? You rehashed some old shit – rappers have been doing that “rapping from the point of view of an inanimate object” shit for years – its played out.

    Fuck, he even got Seinfeld to do a skit and it was boring.

  22. I dug it. Cipha made some real good points with Wale’s disposition when talking about sports, how he needs a home base, etc. He was kind of a dick, but Peter handled it relatively well. Not all Juan Eps are going to be hand holding and singing Kumbaya.

  23. Lmao.

    Episode almost went to shit during the 1st 15-20 mins. Then the sports talk & the Laura Styles argument kinda made up for it. But this wasn’t the typical Juan Ep.

  24. Never heard a grown man cry… Mad insecure and childish-like, if he wants respect – he needs to show it. Rosenberg, he’s not your friend, nor a friend worth having. Ciph is right, he needs a home, some stability… someone to check him and tell him the truth… Chicks only want the money man…

  25. Agreed, Wale seems a bit of a dick but this epsiode has got more comments than most the others, its good to get a response whether positive or negative

  26. @MusicIs

    what do you have a yeast infection? this is the internet and where people post their opinion on shit. I said I stopped listening to wale after his first album thats my opinion. I think popeyes is better than kfc.

  27. I had to listen all the way through after I saw 37 comments. Honestly it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. The shit he was doing at the start was dumb but funny at the same time. It was decent after he got past that.

    Underneath all the bullshit

  28. I had to listen all the way through after I saw 37 comments. Honestly it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. The shit he was doing at the start was dumb but funny at the same time. It was decent after he got past that.

    Underneath all the bullshit I think Wale’s a good guy and a very good artist. The minute he stops focusing on what critics say is when he’ll take the next step in his career but right now he’s just holding himself back.

  29. It at least had the perfect ending with Ciphs outro. That would be a dope way to end Juan Ep all together.

  30. 41 comments in!! complex got it right! fuck wale and his music! he is wack go suck lady gaga’s dick!!! your wack !!!

  31. Why did you guys put this episode out in the first place? He’s clearly disinterested, if you really had respect for the guy you would have edited it or canned it.

  32. Let me start off by saying I agree that Wale’s behavior was immature, but in all honesty in my 20′s I would have been just as much of a dick. Although he is physically about to be 30, being sucessful and in the industry, you dont mature at the same rate in the same ways.

    It should be noted that this Juan Ep and the interview with Ebro and Pete are directly related.

    At the end of the Ebro interview, Pete says they are going to do the Juan Ep interview next and Wale says something like “oh i thought this was the interview, whats this an ambush?” alluding to the idea that he didnt know what the format of the show was or even that he was set to do it.

    Add to that the fact the Pete clearly has a misinterpretation of their “friendship” and you have the setp up for a really awkward moment. Just because you both are from near DC and claim it, doesnt make you friends. Wale doesnt seem to fuck with him like that. The entire time he was fucking with Pete, him and Ciph were having a sidebar convo, chilling. So he wasnt being a dick to everyone. Ciph even critiques Pete on his approach to getting him to watch the vid. Wale also stated he never heard of the podcast so it can be assumed he didnt know it was a “hip hop nerd” focused show and was unaware of the depth that the interview could have taken. Especially when Pete starts off by criticizing him for not responding to him personally, when clearly he doesnt fuck with Pete like that. Not that he has beef with you but clearly yall aint friends like that. Pete came off looking like the sidepiece chick that you smash on the low, but she always wants to text and call you.

    BTW…”DM’ing another guy is like a nigga whispering to you when no one is in the room”…classic.

  33. he might be talented, but one of the wackest people Ive heard talk in any interview ive ever heard in any format.

    Rosenberg im a huge fan, stop wasting your time /energy on this dude, he’s an asshole and not in a charming, good-guy-beneath-it-all kinda way. Fuck Wale…..(no disrespect)

  34. and lol @ all the people who say this interview made them wanna never listen to his shit again, I couldn’t agree more. Where as with Nelly, I became a way bigger fan after his Juan ep

  35. Wale makes great music, hes not a bad rapper but this personality is one and only reason for me to never give a fuck about him or his music (Which i never really liked anyway). Sad, but oh well.

  36. Yo Peter! Who had the bright idea to put wale on for the holidays? Thats the Worse Juan Epstein ever you owe us!! Happy Hanukkah.

    - Anton Babinski

  37. Well it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who was annoyed by Walle’s bitchassness & turned the podcast off.

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