Kanye West on Juan Epstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You asked for it– you got it — Toyota. We only got about 30 minutes with the legend, but then we spend 15 minutes breaking down Kanye with Ebro afterwards. This was a special moment for us–as I think Kanye is truly one of the greatest of all time. And you can hear me tell him so about 10 times after the interview officially ends but the tape keeps running. A few gems come during that time–listen close. Thanks for the support. Subscribe, download, and tell everyone! Shout out to Ebro for making this happen!

22 thoughts on “Kanye West on Juan Epstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I liked the discussion at the end way more than the interview. Like Rosenberg said the podcast totally got kanyed.

  2. Awesome interview. I like the story and call backs to the crackhead brother and getting the sampler. Kanye mowing grass for money and all that. Good example of hard work and dedication. Peace!

  3. Amazing job guys. Considering the fact that Ye hardly talks about anything other than leather jogging pants these days you guys def got some gems out of him.

  4. A whoooooole lot of dickriding going on in this show from both P.R., Ciph & even Ebro. Disappointed, but not unexpected.

    The funniest part is that they actually tried to make sense of some things he said & actually acted like he spoke facts with alot of things he said.

    I guess Hot 97 need a Kanye for that relationship & ratings. Keep the hustle going, cuz that was alot of FALSE FACTS & dickriding in this episode.

  5. Honestly Juan Ep started after 30mins.. but even those few mins of kanye just chatting was worth it, dont get me wrong still beats 99% of Kanye interviews this month.

    Hopefully next one will be less formal, good work lads!

  6. The Roots? That Biggie line is “Invisible bully like the Gooch”. I’d expect a hip hop nerd like Rosenberg to know that.

  7. Hey man,

    Please do DAS EFX!!

    Also always wanted to know how things went with copyrights in the sampling game, especially with guys like Diamond D. Did they get composer credits or not for instance?

    Also love how you guys dare to ask about the money, also one of the things I keep wondering about. What do some of those hiphop veterans do nowadays? Can the DAS EFX guys still live of that Baknaffek money? Do some of those guys have regular jobs now?

    Love the hiphop history stuff!!



  8. It’s crazy. I Got A Love is probably my favorite PR beat off of Main Ingredient. Why doesn’t Ciph like it? Kanye is fucking insane tho.

  9. Great like ever one else wish it could’ve been longer but it’s cool. This dudes at a level where he doesn’t need to do these interviews anymore but man set a good president talking real hip hop with him. That Em shit is funny as fuck. Damn dropped the ball on that shit. Much like the Juan Ep tee shirts not holding my breath for another Em Ep

  10. Good Kanye interview, you almost broke through the kanye wall, I’d have liked a whole career retrospective from the D-Dot days, but pretty good for 30 minutes work.

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