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Donald Glover on Juan Epstein

Our good friend, Donald Glover. stopped by to talk about his life, his album, being confused, and a whole lot more.


  1. PMD losing the eBay auction was hilarious. Ciph much respect for that “El General” reference.

  2. Thanks Juan Ep

  3. yo, the phrase “I wish i was gay” has now been said by two different people on this podcast!!

  4. I 100% connected to this podcast man. I’ve been thinking the same way lately. Thanks for another Juan Ep.

  5. Childish in the building! Great show, this might be my new favorite podcast…

  6. Great episode, can you lose more ebay auctions during future episodes?

  7. Great Juan Ep. Childish Gambino is a real thorough dude. I relate to alot of what he was saying.

  8. Dope Episode, “Never Be Satisfied.” Love that Donald Glover is an open book.

  9. let’s see that billy jr pic with his twin…

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