Nelly, Mack WIlds, Sara Jay, and Lisa Ann Juan Ep Spectacular

It was a fun and busy day that saw Nelly’s return to hang out, immediately followed by young Mack Wilds popping by, and then our friend Sara Jay brought Lisa Ann (aka ‘Nailin Palin’) by for some fun sex talk–which was capped off by Billy Jr. calling with a MAJOR announcement.

12 thoughts on “Nelly, Mack WIlds, Sara Jay, and Lisa Ann Juan Ep Spectacular”

  1. Stop repeating the same sh*t over and over. We know you want 50 Cent, but let go of the stan-ism.

    Many of us dont want him on as much as you, clearly.

    Im glad yall finally got Irv Gotti on it though cuz he has mad stories, P! Cant wait until you drop it.

  2. yo faceless get the fuck out my face before my molly boys let them thangs rang and leave your whole family faceless we dont play over here boy so you better pipe down before we bring the pipes up

  3. Damn dude nice! Didn’t really care about that new dude but Nelly was pretty cool. Nice for all the ep heads to hear about Billy. Don’t believe him tho. A Juan Ep with X? Missy? Maybe Smoke DZA? Idk you’ve surprised us keep it coming (pause)….much love for Michigan peace

  4. Are you serious???

    Why do you constantly only upload this interviews which are aimed at the basest of humans instinct sex – interview with pornstars really???

    You just got married did you not – would you really want your daughter listening or your son?>???

    You dont upload anything uplifiting to us as a race….jeez

    I’m going on because I’m tired as hell with this nonsense!!! You have an audience – try sending positive things..

  5. @Jg What I cant make my point now?????? without being abused like a school kid.

    How about you refute what I say with arguments instead of like a baby.

    See me Jg! -

  6. This Juan Ep had all the elements of the classics (porn, wrestling, hip hop, random talk). Yo Laura is too serious, get her on for a whole episode PMD! You guys are in rare form these days. Good shit.

  7. As a flooring contractor that Tile dude should have honestly took up the extra $ with whoever fucked the tile color up. Shout out to the pornstars

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