Rick Ross on Juan Ep!!!

Finally…man this is a gem for so many reasons, but I really loved his stories about knowing Ye way back in the day. Thanks Ross! “Self Made 3″ is out now and it’s dope!

14 thoughts on “Rick Ross on Juan Ep!!!”

  1. you like rappers that “talk that talk” Ross but your favorite Kool G. Rap song is “Symphony”?????? ok….. (Marley Marl song but whatever….) so many G. Rap songs where he actually “talks that talk”

  2. Thanks for this fellas and cosign @Fade. I started listening to Bill Burr’s standup and podcast because he was on Juan Ep. He’s not in NY too often but would dope if you could get him on when he is.

  3. you guys are killing it! Thanks for the hard work…surprised nothing came up regarding Erik Sermon. Another good listen.

  4. Great interview, seems to have been getting a lot of good feedback across the web too, could Juan Ep actually be getting popular? (Cue nerds complaining it’s too ‘mainstream’ now…)

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