Macklemore and I Talk Race, Homophobia, Kendrick, and More

Smart dude. Great chat. Hate if you want but I respect this kid’s pedigree big time.

He drops some serious knowledge on this rhyme too.

4 thoughts on “Macklemore and I Talk Race, Homophobia, Kendrick, and More”

  1. i rock with you, Rosenberg–but u gotta put yourself on “every day racism.” you’re doing the typical establishment media things:

    1) exalting Macklemore as the first to do a song against homophobia in “hip-hop”. MURS DID IT FIRST. plus, you and Macklemore both keep falling into the trap of

    2 wrongfully alleging what “hip-hop culture is or isn’t”…should or shouldn’t be. THANK YOU OH GREAT MACKLEMORE & ROSENBERG FOR EDUCATING US ON HOW BACKWARDS & INTOLERANT WE ARE…

    3) note Mack’s formulaic Flo-Rida speed rapping AND rent a soulful-hook singer, and we celebrate how ‘evolved’ and rare-breed he is? omg, the golden boy savior wearing the cape and mariachi suit blew up on radio…i can’t believe it!

    *I fucks wit u Rosenberg, that’s why i pay attention–

  2. i hear some of your points but enough with the Murs song…i love Murs and know the song, but it reached no one…for all intents and purposes — “same love” is the first..and its a number 1 record…and its more powerful on the issue

    as for the stuff we said you deemed to be “intolerant” — sorry..thats how a lot of people from our experience feel…hip hop doesnt need white people (except to buy records)…its a privilege ..not a right

  3. Murs is my homey and I liked that video at the time but it wasn’t as good a song and as a result did not have the same impact…it of course that Macklemore is white and has 2 other smash hits too of course

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