Juan Ep with Derrick D-Dot Angelettie !!

I mean this is just good. Yeah I said it. Take that take that take that! Sorry!

14 thoughts on “Juan Ep with Derrick D-Dot Angelettie !!”

  1. Great Juan Ep! I’m surprised you never heard that Big and E40 story though man. The whole story got told on that Big documentary from a few years back. Crazy story!

  2. Great interview but I wish you guys would go back and listen to this interview. Then man cant talk 4 secs on every question without getting interrupted. Let him rock a little bit and answer the question fully. I mean man.

  3. Another great episode, D-Dot is one of those guys that has always been around but never really had the widespread recognition, so good to see him in the spotlight for a moment.

  4. Wonderful times @ the Kat (d.dots label) I was present for a lot of those Yay session use to spar w the dude heavy shout out to D he helped me cut my teeth in the game as a young pup i ghost wrote for him and Puff the whole industry was ghosting back then it was wht it was but check my new shit google the kid

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