My Nicki Minaj “Make Up” Mix

I am very happy about today’s interview with Nicki. If you have not seen it yet click HERE . It was a long time coming and I was really grateful for how much time she gave me. The fact is this — Nicki is an iconic figure in the game and I never had planned a “beef” with her. I did not like “Starships” for her or any other Hip Hop Icon. I never thought that would ruin her permanently. I just didn’t dig it. After all the bullshit — she came in and was gracious and cool. We hugged off the air and moved on. Grown up shit. Thanks for watching!

Now enjoy a mix that really shows the things that make Nicki spectacular. You don’t have to like her (or “Starships”) but you have to respect her MC acumen..

27 thoughts on “My Nicki Minaj “Make Up” Mix”

  1. Gotta be honest man, that wasn’t an interview in any sense of the word. I couldn’t even get half-way though the video. The whole thing was just a big shit show of kissing up to Nikki. And Ebro really seemed to just leave you hanging. Dude was running to take off Nikki’s jacket just moments after sitting back and letting her just shit all over your career. That whole thing was just awkward and I give you props for being professional though it all. But yo, after that “i didn’t even know who you were or your resume stuff” I was done with it.

  2. @smitty – Great minds think alike, she shitted on dude the whole interview and he was like “thanks for letting me be your toilet”. Im tripping cause I would say that Riff Raff is a more genuine artist than Nicki and ya’ll shitted on dude. Now I gotta group Rosenberg in with Flex, Flex went hard right after Rosenberg’s comments and then turned right around and kissed her ass. Ya’ll making Hot 97 look soft. Not to mention Ebro telling her how “bad” ya’ll need her. This nigga just shitted on B.O.B. for basically doing what Nicki Minaj is doing.

    Now ya’ll can read this and label me a “hater” but I know for sure I’m in the majority.

  3. They milked this super dry with an under whelming finale.
    And she def knew who Rosenberg was.
    I also wonder what her natural hair looks like…

  4. Peter, thanks for being such an excellent all-around Hip Hop DJ and radio host. You are important for music.

    I’m going to go listen to a playlist that consists of MF Doom, Lil Wayne, Nas, Aesop Rock, Action Bronson, Ludacris, Joey Bada$$ and yes, Nicki Minaj. Despite what a Hip Hop elitist may think, I am not in the middle of an identity crisis, but I do in fact have an appreciation and respect for a dynamic group of artists and producers from several walks of life and foundations. This culture was founded upon that diversity, and cross-over has always been a door some artists have walked through (not always purposely) and although music snobs often dislike it, in reality it opens the gates to new audiences. The dotted lines we draw within this music genre to divide each other as fans always amaze me. Since when was Hip Hop so one dimensional?

    If someone can listen to this Make-Up mix and say Nicki Minaj has no talent, they indeed have no credibility. Incredible delivery and writing, and a wonderful talent to add to the likes of other female MCs, something we always want and need. Who cares if she made some wack, poppy songs? If my favorite chef makes incredible pasta for me and then one day makes a terrible ahi tuna, I don’t fucking whine about it and dislike him as a person or fucking stop going to his restaurant, I simply order the fucking pasta instead and carry on. Insecurity with how you feel about a musician based on what you think is “art” is childish.

    I appreciate your contribution to the music, Rosenberg. You didn’t take anyone’s side but your own, which is the only way to go. I look forward to the next Juan Epstein.

  5. Have some backbone, you are a critic, say it like it is, don’t suck up to these people.

    most of these artists egos are out of control, they cant take any criticism.

    plain wakkk.

  6. disappointed to see that people on my site are so dumb….i am very proud of that interview and very happy with what Nicki gave me…I never apologized for my statement…we had a real conversation…if you didnt like it or lost respect for me — guess what — PEACE OUT…if you know me– you know my thoughts…good riddance! @Luap — thank you for being thoughtful

  7. @Luap- A fucking thesis! All that typing and you never even broached the real subject. You gave unwarranted “lesson” on hip hop history.

    @pmd- C’mon Son! You can defend that interview but we don’t believe you , you need more people! You compromised your (and Hot97′s) integrity just to get back on good terms with a chick that’s got about 30 seconds left on her 15 minutes of fame. I implore you and Ebro to seriously listen to how ya’ll coddled this chick, then listen to the Trinidad James and Riff Raff interviews. And you guys wonder why Hot97 has been slipping?

    You dudes kill me with the dismissiveness towards people that you call “fans”. I’ll put it this way, if Juan Epstein wasnt free I wouldnt listen.Moreover, I listen b/c of the guests that you interview, NOT you guys. So Im done with Hot97 and JuanEp, PEACE OUT!

  8. @qstorm so long douche…and anyone else who aint fuckin with the movement– we wont miss you… #JUANEPFORLIFE

  9. i enjoyed the interview. i still dont like her tho, but hopefully now that its done we can leave it behind once and for all. ALL I WANT IS JUAN EP!!!

  10. Two things, you responding to a “dumb fan” lets me know how thin your skin is. The difference between me and you is that when I wake up everyday I handle my business and never allow my morals, ethics, or integrity to be compromised just to keep a job. The fact that you are willing to bow down shows that you will never be a boss.

    Secondly, do you realize you went harder on me than you did on Nicki? That speaks volumes.

  11. @pmd- Any “movement” that you are leading is followed by fools. With that said I AM DONE with the back and forth. I will not reply to anymore comments,and if you have any sense you would see that you cant gain anything from replying either.

    “Only a fool gives what he can’t lose, to gain what he can’t keep”

  12. @Qstorm

    Stop fronting.

    Who says “So Im done with Hot97 and JuanEp, PEACE OUT!” and comes back the next day to respond to a comment? Hahahahaha. Silly shit, man. Your “morals, ethics, and integrity” were already compromised from your comments alone. Your petty attempt at a *last word* by saying you will not respond to any more comments and then implying responding does nothing anyway is even more revealing of your rampant insecurities. Finally, you finish with an implied wisdom-based quote as if this is some 94′ Wu-Tang intro shit. Wow. Straight cornball.

    You listen to Juan Ep because of the guests that are interviewed, not because of Hot 97? Right, because those interviews are merely artists asking themselves questions and having entertaining and interesting dialogue in the mirror, all while being recorded at some random place with another man’s equipment. Disrespectful, nerd shit.

    No one bowed down to anyone in this interview. You however, did bow down to the shameful, trendy and obvious pretentiousness of an internet hip hop geek.

    Sean P should smack you upside the head.

  13. Can’t stand Nicki and had to stop listening to the interview halfway through. I finally gave up listening to the morning show b/c of Kay Foxx and the fact that I never even hear Ciph on it anymore.
    That being said, I love Juan Ep with or without guests. Thanks Peter!

  14. I enjoyed the interview. They were both mature and spoke their minds well. As for Ms. Minaj doing pop, good for her. I like versatility in artists. If all she did was hard core hip hop people would be complaining she is a one trick pony. She damed if she do and damed if she don’t. Hardcore female mc’s do not last long in the industry. Getting herself a diverse résumé can get her longevity. Like Mc Lyte said, Nicki ain’t doing it strictly for the block, she is in this to succeed in as many genres that she can. I respect that. It doesn’t affect me in any way what she chooses to do, she doesn’t owe me anything. If she puts something out that I go hard bumping to so be it, when she doesn’t I just ignore it. Success comes in many different forms and colors and she understands that. People have been saying since 09 her fifteen minutes will be up and it has not happened, she is doing something right and I believe Peter sees that as well. I wish her well and look forward to more music from her.

  15. Guys.. Obvious troll is obvious. That said

    #JuanEp #Top5 #DOA #iTunesDontWantIt #FlexBomb #FuckYoCommentHoe

  16. I’ve come to realize its not fair to Rosenberg (or anybody else for that matter) to expect him to be what I WANT him to be. He got a job to do so how the fuck am I gonna hate another dudes hustle . I have an option and a voice to chose the shit I fucks wit.
    Fuck that morning show shit, fuck that wrestling shit, and superfuck this niki manaj shit. Ill never support any of that shit cause I CHOOSE not to. If you listen to 97 throughout the day , its like Chinese water torture , being played the same shit over and over till i get physically ill hearing another drake song.
    But…GODBLESS that JuanEp shit and GODBLESS the REAL LATE shit. The only shit the gives hope and pays homage to the shit that runs through my veins and GODBLESS ROSENBERG for Real Late and him and cyph for that Juan EP shit, im not feeling that other shit but this shit makes a difference in my life … so thank you. Ill be a faithful fan till you ruin either of them and when that happens just move on to the next cat putting out that real shit.

  17. After watching this and the “Ebro vs. Riff Raff” video, I’ve decided Ebro is a complete douche.

    Stop calling people “Sir” when you’re trying to sound smart. You sound retarded.

  18. You go hard at your fans, but kiss Nicki’s ass? C’mon son.

    You got shitted on. Anyone who watches that “interview” knows this.

    Ebro tried to help you out at the beginning there, but he definitely let you hang yourself after you felt you had to list off your accomplishments for that plastic bitch.

    Listen… You don’t have to justify yourself or your achievements to her, us, or anyone else. That being said, it looked SUPER wack that you felt you had to in that “interview”.

    I still think you were forced to kiss up to her because of some corporate/label politickin’ bullshit. Juan Ep for life.

  19. Rosenberg and Minaj have something in common.
    They are both bald.

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