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Ratchet Turn Up Molly Video

Woooooo my best work to date…I mean — their best work to date!


  1. Hilarious stuff, I think Ciph stole it though at the very end..
    Good job.

  2. Holy shit! Instant Classic! You and Ciph’s outfits are frickin’ hilarious. No verse from Ebro? Hahaha.

  3. good job the worst part is this is the type of shit thats on the radio everyday

  4. smfh @ this vid not having at least 1 million views …


  5. agreed cabo…very disappointing that more people dont understand!

  6. lmao ‘she twerkin in da riiiiiide, da doors is suiciiiiide’…

    roflmao @ that part everytiiiime!! yo Ebro, need u on dat remix + more racksonracksonracks needed from TinaT heartheart lol


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