4 thoughts on “The Interview of a Lifetime”

  1. This is fantastic.

    What an incredible moment.

    You’re a truly talented interviewer.

    Good job, and I hope this will become a podcast series because it will make my subway ride a lot more fun.

    Thanks, Mr. Rosenberg. Keep killing it!

  2. Man-

    I am so glad I stumbled back on to your website.

    I used to listen to you nightly in DC on WJFK, and then Hot 97 whenever I could catch it.

    Was just traveling and checked in after a long hiatus and glad I did. This interview was tits- amazing dialog and great questions. Bringing out the laughter and the tears.

    I then proceeded to cop your top 30 hip hop tracks for some new inspiration.

    Man- keep up the great work.


  3. This was tight, Mike seemed very relaxed here, great to see and nice interview.

    Tyson was great but Ali’s still the GREATEST fighter that ever lived…

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