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Juan Ep with Chi Ali

Classic hip hop, Native Tongues, plus a crazy murder case! All this week on….DEH DEH DEH DEH — Juan Epstein!


  1. WHAT?!?!?! Can not wait to hear this! Thanks!

  2. That awkward silence after Chi casually mentions killing that dude? CLASSIC

  3. holy shit. This is one I did not expect. I am on it. Thank you for updating.

  4. What’s up with Ciph always saying FUCK HIP HOP?!


  6. … fuck hip hop indeed.

  7. Will there be a video for this?

  8. Yeah fuck Haitian woman too right?

  9. good to hear the intern with the golden voice got the job and hilarious at the end when chi asks about kris kross when they just announced their reunion lmao

  10. pure dopeness!

  11. Good interview. Chi Ali was very much candid. I wish you guys had asked him if any of his native tongue family came to see him.

  12. The first 15-20 mins of this is proof to me that we need a Raw dog, no guests, no K.Foxx Ciph and Rosenberg only Juan Ep old skool style.

    This ep was a great interview also, dunno how Chi Ali is a free man but hey…

    Thanks guys

  13. Good job Juan Ep

  14. Yes! Almost an old school Juan Ep at the start with no guests or anything, good to hear that.

  15. this hit the interwebs a little while back. the reference track that trugoy made for “roadrunner”.

  16. Ciph talks too much and derails the convo. #truestory

  17. young shoota da killa prince

    January 27, 2013 at 8:43 am

    the first 20 mintues were vintage Juan Ep GOLD!!!! more of that… chi ali was suprisingly entertaining but the paul and ciph bits were the best

  18. Good to hear the Juan Ep classic in the beginning, you mofos need to do that.

    A lot could be discussed!

  19. Dope podcast fellas. It did have an old school feel to it. Just Pete and Ciph talking. Ahhh the golden era of Juan Ep.

  20. Yo pmd, i remember you saying bobby brown was the person who got whitney on crack. you’re wrong sir. it was her brother and he admitted it.
    it’s all good though, we all make mistakes. #random

  21. Juan Ep w/ The Beatnuts would be amazing

  22. Great Juan Ep. But Pete, for real, why did you put so much effort into getting the Juan Ep app made, then promising new Juan Eps would come out like clockwork and then dropped pretty much nada ever since then?! Shit makes no sense homie!

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