11 thoughts on “Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era on Real Late”

  1. fam Y did u allow the game to put u in a head space where u thought it was cool on any level to DISRESPECT P!? You thought u looked up to sean price, wait ’til you run into each other. P! foreal. just like funny chin DJ Clue was the only one who could calm coked out ray-j down when that thing happened btween him and loso, Dallas Penn might be the only one who can clean this up for U, you better give DP a call fuckeyberg.

  2. ^@patrick P! is tight wit rosenberg & Ebro. check sean mandela’s response to the minor league talk…so to you “Sir” I say, calm yo ass down

  3. somebody please have a heart and tell this kid to change his name, corny can’t even begin to describe the feel

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