Juan Epstein with Ghostface!!!

(Feat. Sheek Louch) …The guys came up to promote the dope new Wu Block album but this really became a full blown Ghostdini podcast. Amazing. Just amazing for any true hip hop nerd. Enjoy and spread the word. Download that Juan Ep App on Itunes and rate and comment on Itunes kids!

26 thoughts on “Juan Epstein with Ghostface!!!”

  1. thanks for the fix pmd. only built for (first one) changed my whole perspective on rap’s culture and influenced my indivduality in music at and early age. look foward to listening.

  2. Ghostdini!!!

    Checked you out on Sam Roberts Show, no homo.

    PMD + Primetime = Jew Gold

    Fuck Oscar and Chad Dukes.

    Are we ever going to get Kanye West a.k.a. the Holy Grail Juan Epstein?

  3. Ghost seems like he is in a really good place mentally….can’t say the same for Sheek though

  4. OK so i called that last Juan Ep w/ RZA + Big Boi “the best ever”… but y’all deliver an episode w/ Ghost on the very next one?!!!??! Maaaan… now that’s love!

    Word to Ken Rose.. Now I’m believin y’all can really deliver w/ a Kanye West episode.. Make it happen!

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  6. I don’t listen to your radio show.

    I don’t listen to radio.

    Radio disgusts me.

    However, I listened to the show on Ciph’s website.

    The Ebro addition is fucking gold for the show.

    I know he was a radio personality in his past with some white dude, but that nigga is the MAN!

  7. This was great. Rosenberg you sounded like you almost had a nerd meltdown at points LOL!!!

    Been hoping we got this episode for a long time, and respect to Sheek for letting Ghost speak.

    I’m glad Ghost seems to know what’s needed for another Wu album and I hope it happens.

    Thanks guys.

  8. LOL @ Peter throwin’ up the horns.

    Soowoo nigga.

    the morning show is x100000 better with that nigga Ebrohiem.

    KFox kinda being left behind, which is cool by me.

    You and Ebro have great chemistry bruh, yes homo

  9. Awesome Juan EP. This was one the best in a while.

    Anyone else listening in their car and going crazy over the fucked up mics. Super quiet to fucking stupid loud from one sec to the next.

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