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Juan Epstein with Asher Roth

FINALLY — for the first time ever on Juan Ep (I Think) — my brother Asher Roth. This is a great episode that will let you know exactly what kind of guy Ash is.

Go Obama!!


  1. Dope

  2. Ebro is ill

  3. Thanks, black people do watch Wrestling, me and my grandmother are Livin Proof.

    Ebro is fast becoming my favorite reoccurring guest on these.

    I see you guys got Rza on the morning show this today, I PRAY to allah you guys get him for an INDEPTH Juan-Ep.

  4. Finally. Thanks for getting this up. I saw you interview Sean P soooooooooo time for a Juan Epstein with him.

  5. i’m black and i watch wrestling.

  6. Whitest. Juan Ep. Ever. Had to turn the treble down to take the edge of these guy’s voices.

    Always good to see a new Juan Ep though.

  7. Good shit guys, the Pabst & Jazz mixtape is Asher 2.0. Dope upcoming producers, authentic shit throughout AND NO reaching to the “hot” artist of the time.

    Just a matter of time for dude.

    Oh and the moment Ciph said Ebro disregarded the U.K shit, i said FUCK EBRO!!

    That said more Ibrahim

  8. Shit Rosenberg let him speak!!!

  9. have a juan ep with ebro!

  10. Thanks guys!
    Juan Ep with Sean P would be amazing and one with Ebro would be good too. or, just the 2 of yiz.

  11. Dope. Learned alot about Asher. I really want to see him and other artist like him win. We have to do a better job of supporting artist of his stature.

  12. LOL @ Peter being a RGIII groupie. NIgga you a grown man.

    … post RGIII number.

    Ebroski deserves his own Juan Ep.

  13. ambrose adamson

    November 9, 2012 at 7:14 am

    definitely do at least one juan ep with ebro!!!

  14. hey pete
    since your guys’ 5 year anniversary of juan ep is coming up, why dont you guys do a throwback juan ep. just you and ciph with ill beats in backgrounds and you guys talkin ish. maybe talk about complex’s top 100 beats list and what the number one beat of all time is to you two

  15. GOOD SHIT!!! PETER & Cipha…..START THE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE if I gotta pay to get Juan Epstein every week I will

  16. I swear ciph was talking about S.A.S when he talks about those two English cats. I didn’t knw ebo was hating like that. He black balled them from hot 97!! Politics of the game!!

  17. yo since juan ep has been slow lately check out the HOT97 youtube, they been making a lot of videos lately. They pretty much are lil juan eps lol

  18. Great episode!

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