Some Dope New Juan Ep to Tide You Over

Man what a crazy week. Sorry I know things have been slow, but we have some big full episodes coming next week. In the mean time our friend Russell Peters stopped by a while ago and as always is the case with this guy– it was a good time. We talked about how rich he is, his love life, and his nerdery for classic hip hop. This guy is the PERFECT Juan Ep hangout.

13 thoughts on “Some Dope New Juan Ep to Tide You Over”

  1. And by the way, the “Intern Special” Juan Ep was hilarious. Epstein was as funny as ever. Topped only by the “That’s that shit I don’t like/Flex bomb” drop episode.

  2. How in the hell did you not acknowledge the gem that RP dropped when he said ” i have a jag truck”. A reference to the famous jada line , referring to a non existent car.

  3. thanks. This half hour with Russell was better than the hour he was on the Champs podcast.
    And don’t get it twisted, Mississauga is not Toronto, nor is Brampton where he’s from.

  4. reason why Scratch Live, aka Serato, goes backwards randomly oon some setups is because there is usually a short in the RCA cables on 1200′s or whatever turntables you’re using.

    turn on instant doubles, throw one table on rel, the other on int, and do the damn thing. get those RCA’s fixed though.

  5. dope! russell peters is the man. i’ll never get rid of my vinyl. in my will before i die, it will say to burn all my vinyl because no one will take of my vinyl like i did. & fuck cdj’s & serato. traktor is that shit. if you dont know, get familiar.

  6. Yo! I loved the new Juan Ep, but you and Ciph sat on this GEM of an episode for over 3 weeks? Damn. And where is the previous interview/episode with RP. I had NO idea RP was so Hip Hop.

  7. RP’s nonchalance when talkin about his riches >

    he’s dat nigga tho!

    keep doing your thing PMD and this Juan Ep shit will be legendary.

  8. I remember Russell talking about his new Rolls Royce Ghost on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

    Russell is the man! Selling out arenas, fuck Kevin Hart.

    Son sold out the Air Canada center and the 02.

    Peter, you need to check out the Joe Rogan Podcast.

    You would love it.

  9. Ken,

    Russell doesn’t have the Rolls Royce anymore.

    He traded it for a Bentley Mulsanne.

    He also talked about buying a Gulfstream Jet.

    That nigga is living!

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