Juan Epstein : The Intern Special

Ah time to hire interns. This was a fun day a while back. It was good at times. It was boring at times. It was definitely awkward at times.

27 thoughts on “Juan Epstein : The Intern Special”

  1. McKayla … ratchet.

    She sounded sexy. Post pictures Rosenberg.

    First half was way better than the second. McKayla boring as fucc.

    POWER105? Fucc that cuntbag spy. McKayla is Envy’s jumpoff.

    I hope you didn’t hire that bitch. Straight disrespectful.

  2. Fucc is this crazy bitch talking about? Fucking magazines and shit.

    Community college b? Philanthropy and charities? Fucc outta here.

    Who got the job, Dave?

  3. lmao i thought the same thing about her magazines comment! where the hell did that come from and how is that even related to what they asked???????

  4. great shit man. Last chick sounded crazy hot wish she had said what her twitter was…. and ciphas jamaican accent had me dying

  5. Thanks for the new Juan Ep.

    Fuck that transgender Carmen. You know damn well you can’t legal “prank call” people anymore.

    Can’t stand radio

    Fuck Clear Channel

    Fuck Prep Burger

    Fuck PPM

  6. come now fellas!!!! this some bs. ive been down wit j.e. since the beginning. ive put up wit alot but this is really pushing me left(some other interesting podcast) Please fellas i luv u guyz…So Stop bullshuttin’ and get back to what we love ya for. real hiphop shit!!! And tell k-fox its fucked up how she handled mr.vegas.rap jounalism is one thing but rap smut is another.

  7. ^^^^^^^^^

    A cool Juan Ep none the less though, its nice to mix it up a bit. As long as they moving at one volume, the listeners gonna listen.

    +1 for blackplanet

  8. Funny episode. That first wannabe intern had me dying the way you lot took the piss outta him.

    Who got hired in the end… need I ask lmfao!!!! (.)(.)

  9. k-foxx gets too much hate, seems like she stopped taking herself so serious and got way funnier/cooler as the show has progressed, I went from couldn’t stand her to really liking her, plus she’s fine as hell.

    Rosenberg on the other hand is a douchebag, a funny douchebag, but a douchebag nonetheless. Charlegmagne is not as funny as rosenberg and is more of an actual dick in a lot of ways, but also seems way more genuine and less full of himself, ciph was right, you’re way too gassed pete. Bring back cipher shitting on Pete nonstop please.

    Ciph, you’re cool.

    Kfoxx, yee & cipher > charlegmagne > rosenberg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DJ envy’s bum ass

    btw, get more consistent with Juan ep before I FedEx my foot in the crack of your ass rosenberg

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