Juan Epstein with Diamond D

You talk about legends! Man I am excited that this one came together. One of Ciph and my all time favorites. Great stories here about DITC, Fat Joe, Big L, and lots of other awesomeness….

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  1. Who da fucc is Diamond D.

    No one wants to hear from these old niggas.

    Co-sign Mr. Glasses. Dolo Juan Ep, please.

  2. lol No way am I passing on this I listen to all Juan Eps regardless. Just in general Id like to listen to a guest-less Juan Ep.

  3. ‘Punks Jump Up (RMX)’ includes a vocal sample that says ‘step up step up and catcha bad one’, I also always thought it was Diamond too…

  4. Damn, now THIS is an underappreciated legend that a show like Juan Ep was made for. Thanks pete, and keep the legends coming.

  5. Holy shit! I haven’t even listened to this yet and I’m already amped. Crazy! Juan Ep back! Peace Pete.

  6. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been tired of hearing comedians, salty D’ sucking artist (Buss, still mad at his attitude), and randoms (Iron Mike). I haven’t listened to it yet, but i am about to hit play. Keeping my fingers crossed KayFoxx is no where to be heard!

  7. A sound escaped from me that I’d rather not share when I saw the guest of the podcast. God bless you Pete.

  8. Wow ya’ll internets are so lame…who is Diamond D, really? Do the knowledge b!!!!! Thanks for another dope Juan Ep PMD…respect!!!

  9. Thats more like it. Diamond D got props like a cop. Now, how bout Lord Finesse, Masta Ace, Show and A.G., OC, Sam Sever—and just because your episodes with him are always on point–Erick Sermon one mo gin. If you’re gonna interview new dudes, which you shouldn’t do, because the legends just have more shit to talk about, more years and eras to cover—seriously, I am sure you get this gripe a lot–but yo I can go to a million places to read about mac miller and so on–Vibe magazine is not gonna holler at Lil Fame and Billy Danze. Which reminds me—interview MOP— but as I was sayin Juan Ep is at its best when it’s interviewing the pre-internet rap heroes. They just got more stuff we dont already know. Everybody makin records post 2004 is pretty much overly documented. Oh and if you can interview King Tee, Brother J, Wise Intelligent, Shabba Ranks and Mad Lion if you can. Not too much to ask I dont think.

  10. Dope Juan Ep, once again

    SMH @ the podcast ending suddenly, just as you guys were starting to talk about Nas though

  11. Peter Rosenberg: how the fuck did you end up on the radio asking stupid questions like this?

    You are already not the most knowledgeable cat, the least you could do is prepare your questions. Do you ever wonder how you come across in this show?

  12. This made my day thanks pmd. Also, what were your on the OC and Apollo Brown album I don’t think I heard you talk about it.

  13. dope…yo…the Alesis HR-16 is a drum machine only. you can record patterns but for the internal drums only. the full sequencer for it was the MMT-8 that looked EXACTLY like the HR-16. you could have your sequences trigger other MIDI boxes like the S950. Busta mentioned it in the other Juan Ep interview. Check the specs on it: http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/mmt8.php
    i don’t remember the MIDI out on the HR-16 being able to trigger things in real time outside of star/stop commands. i guess you could trigger something to just loop on every down beat. i have an HR-16 just need to turn it on and find out. bomb interview Juan Ep!

  14. Great Juan Ep guys, keep it up. Prince Paul is releasing a new album, maybe you could get him as a guest. That would be pretty awesome considering what happened to the de la episode.

  15. Awesome ep guys. I wish we’d get more legend producers & mc’s on Juan EP going over their history. Love the way Cyph was doing it on Behind the Boards.

  16. i loved that interview. i hope you guys can get 45 KING.

    fuck mrglasses goofy ass.

    the legends are the reason why most of these youngsters like hip hop.

    ciph and pete..get as many legends as possible. stick with your niche. y’all the only dudes paying homage to cats. for example, pete rosenberg gave diamond d props while he was alive. appreciating the shit that is here.

    dilla was legend too. i wish pete has juan ep running like this when he was alive.

  17. Best episode in a long time. Finally a mention of Masta Ace by someone on here. I swear I’ve never heard you two mention him ever. Always thought he would get a lot of love on here.

  18. Classic Juan Ep. D.I.TC. Salute!

    Enough with all the “Mac Miller didn’t sell that joint” bullshit though. Recording a mixtape track is one thing, but dude recorded an official video for that shit, launched it as a single on YouTube (whether paid or not) and made cake off it from shows and free promo.

    ‘Nesse is bugging with that 10 mill number but Mac definitely needs to cough something up as he straight jacked that shit and passed it off as his own single to a generation of kids that didn’t know any better. And that’s not at all the same as the “it was a mixture joint” shit y’all keep saying.

    And gimme a break with that shit about they should do a joint together. ‘Nesse is a fu**ing legend and y’all should recognise that instead of acting like Mac Miller would be doing him a favour by doing a joint with him! That white boy needs to cut a fu**ing cheque. Period!

    D.I.T.C. laid foundations. Mac Miller won’t even be mentioned a few years from now. Real talk!

  19. DOPE JUAN EP!!!

    I have always been familiar w/how important Diamond D is as a producer, but admittedly I’d never really followed DITC that heavily in their heyday. But I’m gonna go find Stunts, Blunts & HipHop and do the knowledge

    You and Ciph are the only reason I check for anything Hot 97 related.

  20. I knew this weekly posting of new episodes wouldn’t last. You guys are slackers to the max. You just lost another listener.

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