Juan Ep with Mac Miller

I’m sure the old people will hate, but this is a fun podcast with buddy, Mac Miller. Just a lot of talk about what his life is like and how pathetic Ciph and I feel compared to this kid!

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  1. Hater right here! I won’t even be listening to this, as this kid and his music is the total opposite of everything I love about Hip-Hop.

    Still loving the consistent Juan Ep’s though man! But the Mac fans can keep this one. The only credible white rapper with double-M’s is Marshall.

  2. Paul

    why didn’t Mac Miller call that bum ass DJ Taco

    this could’ve have been part 2 of when you/ciph called that Hurrican Chris manager or girlfriend or some shit in New Orleans.

  3. Yo Ken Rose I was thinking about the same thing! I remember she was doing a video with Hurricane Chris and there was a rapper named Lil Josh and Paul was just sonning him after the phone call. I gotta go back and listen to that.

    But this podcast was cool. I’m not really into Mac or Wiz’s music but Mac seems like a cool dude. I wish him all the best.

  4. Who knew that hip-hop would ever get so damn white?! Listening to Rosenberg, Mac Miller and Mac’s rich white friends is fuckin’ hilarious man! Ciph must’ve felt mad awkward! Ha ha!


  6. I approve of this Juan Ep.

    Mac should have called taco though

    Good on Ciph talking a bit more, didnt realise he still getting those Bape boxes

    Also if you ever get the opportunity please interview the Based God, yet to hear a proper interview with him, would be like the Soulja boy ep. People will hate but will be entertaining


  7. Why don’t you use the same audio player for your “Real Late” audio as this? My anti-virus says hulkshare is a “suspicious site”.

  8. not a big fan of his music but Mac’s a great guy, great interview. Nice that he opened up about the Finesse situation and has no hard feelings. Thanks fellas!

  9. Never heard a Mac Miller song in my life.
    And nothing he said in the interview would make me ever want to.
    I see why Juan Ep generally focuses on the legends, most of these new cats don’t have anything to talk about of substance.

  10. Yeah, what MistaGoodBar said! Mind you, it’s hard to have much of substance to say when you’re a 20 year old rich white kid that just made a few records and got even richer. Not much struggle there to draw on. The game done changed.

  11. big Ciph/Rosenberg/KFoxx fan all the way out here in SF, I have listened to all the Juan Ep’s ….and I’m conflicted on this one. I feel “old as fuck”(32 )cause I have no idea who this kid is , but I wasn’t really inspired by listening to this to go and listen. I did like his age appropriate happiness about his success, and I thought he didn’t come off as being obnoxious. His story about Finesse wandered into the whiny zone and I was like whatever. And Ciph thank you for being real about drug music. I’ve done plenty in my day, but unless we are talking about a Dre album, or old Cypress Hill etc I think these newer artists need to learn how to talk about something of relevance

  12. lil B is wack an that age of info is wack. miller is ok and he has 2 records I enjoy but overall he is a C-side artist. not even good enough for B-side.

    Lord Finesse knows he was sellin his tape on the low so thas why he’s suing. mac is disengenuine a.k.a. frontin.

    this wasn’t the first time someone askd for credit and he denied them. its a famous youtube incident in ront of S.O.B.S. look it up.

    also since when did we compare artists who been on the grind and were established to some nobody who said he only went touring 3 days ater KIDS dropped?

    you don’t compare producers to freestylers. finesse is both.

  13. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more! So many people acting like Finesse’s lawsuit could shut down the mix tape game for good. FOH with that bullshit! This isn’t about rhyming over a beat on a mix tape. This is about jacking someone’s beat entirely and passing it off as your own. Mac’s far too cocky with this shit and deserves what he gets.

    I gotta be honest man, I hate everything about that dude. Typical privileged white boy stealing from real artists. And he’s even an unlistenable MC. He proves just how far the bar has fallen in Hip-Hop. Dude’s the 2012 version of Vanilla Ice and should have been hung from a balcony Suge Knight style or PM Dawn’d off a stage a long time ago.

  14. Two quick comments on the video content:

    Finesse/FatBoy Slim: I heard Finesse talking on how he was sold on a little background vocal for a flat fee and got screwed when it came to that song because it ended up being the whole thing. I don’t believe he gets royalties on that piece.

    “KIDS never made a dime”: Homie you know that’s not true. I’ve seen you perform that stuff live. Those weren’t no charity concerts.

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