Juan Epstein with Slaughterhouse

This is hands down the best interview we have ever had with the guys and I think the best and most in depth/honest interview they have ever done. Enjoy a great one…a pure Juan Ep.

And in BIG NEWS — The Juan Epstein App is FINALLY AVAILABLE HERE!!! . It is currently free and gives you access to all of our epic uncut interviews with guests like Jay-Z, Eminem, Q-Tip, Large Professor, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube, and tons of other legendary rappers, comedians, and athletes. This app truly documents history and also has a soundboard with classic sounds from the show. Enjoy, rate, comment, and tell a friend!

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37 thoughts on “Juan Epstein with Slaughterhouse”

  1. 16 Minutes in and this is easily the best Juan Ep interview this season and one of the best ever

    Good looks on the app too

  2. Yes! This is awesome. Thanks Pete.

    And that shit your wife said was awful man! I hope it was staged and totally fake.

  3. As a listener since the beginning this is a great day. The only sound to add to the soundboard is bill o’reilly saying fuck I’ll do it live.

    Congrats to you guys!

  4. LOL @ Buddens wearing David’s sunglasses.

    Fucc that bitch nigga Royce. Stop complaining lil nigga no one wants to hear it. You can’t go to your lil nigga’s basketball game? Boo fucking hoo.

    Buddens deserves his own Juan Ep, dude got personality. Pause.

    Good Juan Ep.

  5. What a boring Juan Ep. I had to stop it like 30min in… Everybody biggin’ this episode up must be a new jack! This podcast is loosing its essence. Not once did y’all get into weird facts/history on the artist. Not to say I’d even care about Slaughterhouse.

  6. Great Interview but for fuckkkksss sake Rosenberg stop bringing up the Nicki Minaj situation in EVERY FUCKING JUAN.. Nobody fucking cares & nobody wants to here you whine on about it.. Get over it

  7. Yo, I just listened. I’m a HUGE slaughterhouse fan. But this album and since they been with Shady has been ass. Not the lyrics, but the production. when they remixed shit from the OG Slaughter album with those Em beats, it fucked the songs up. Same with this album.

    I feel terrible for feeling this way. Especially after what Royce had to say. But yo, if you do this for us and we like extended fam, then yo fam, I gotta tell you the mixing or the production on “Welcome to Our House” is horrible.

    There’s no melody to the songs. Get Up sounds like the neighbors getting a new roof and dudes is pounding hammers all through it. Asylum? really? Look homey, I’m a longtime fan with anxiety problems. I don’t want to hear anything about Asylum. They’re just a few I don’t like.

    I made a new ‘house mix from from the On the House and Welcome to our house. I only kept like 4 songs off of the album. I even removed Hammer Dance (the best beat on the whole album) because I needed to fit Truth or Truth.

    It’s fucking shame. But you gotta know. Release and Accapella album so other people can get it done right. I’ve already went back to Life is Good, Attack the Block, and Diamond Life. Make me come back and listen. I know there are diamonds in that ruff mess.

  8. i realize you had 4 people to talk to, but you really didn’t go in on this one guys. no producer/sample talk, etc.

    and where’s ciph?

  9. guys slaughterhouse are not legendary producers…hard to have deep convo about making the music with all 4 when they all have their own careers…listen…not every juan ep is the same…they all have their own vibe…dont be a douche

  10. Guys stop f**king complaining about Juan Ep all the time! This Juan Ep was one of the most personal insights into some of the game’s best known names and you’re all bitching! WTF?! You claim to love this podcast and then just whine all the time that it’s not good enough. P & C should ditch it and just shut you all up. Don’t forget they do this for free and we get it for free. SMH!

  11. Wish we could’ve heard more from Crook. He’s the one I know the least about and prolly has some crazy stories.
    Any chance we could get a Juan Ep with no guest (that includes Kay Foxx)?

  12. There are places in Long Beach that Slaughterhouse can dwell and remain anonymous. The most important thing going on in Long beach right now is the streets where Dexter is filmed.

  13. no one is bitching, its called constructive criticism. the fans are the reason why they do this in the first place, so why wouldn’t they want to hear our opinions of it? any new juan ep is awesome in my book. keep em comin…

  14. Yo Great Podcast! Finally the App is up, was up with the Driod App??

    Man i got put on the Juan Ep podcast spring of this year so ive been going back and hearing all the old stuff, GREAT PODCAST!

    Who IS NEXT??? Get with GOOD Music/Kanye next
    Rick Ross and MMG

  15. Its the Internet, people would complain about getting a pot of gold and say its too heavy. **flex bomb**

    That said
    “COME GET THIS DOGGIE” made the ep, didnt know Ortiz was a funny dude


  16. How the hell did no-one say “Pause” when Joell said “It’s a super-duper sword-fight man”.

    Como? |

    Wrong usage of Pause, he’s saying there’s mad dudes at the shows, hows that homo son?

    Now if he said, “It’s great to be felt by so many dudes at the show” now that’s a pause.

  17. hey ive downloaded the app but im having issues with it ??!? all i get is the main page “””””loading””””” that’s it ..

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