Juan Epstein with Floyd Mayweather

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17 thoughts on “Juan Epstein with Floyd Mayweather”

  1. your going to tell me that youtube gets a new Juan Ep Before rosenberg radio does ?!


    But great juan ep as per.

  2. Damn K.Foxx respect Juan Ep please!!!

    You on the radio show, now you want in on the Podcast?!

    come on.. relax.

  3. Cool interview, can’t believe he got 20mil for Wmania, Vinnie Macs crazy.

    That Earl Hayes was supposed to come out under a Dre and Timbaland collabo if I recall.

  4. k foxx needs to get off the podcast. I wouldnt mind to see her on tv but not this niche podcast hip hop nerd shit right here.

  5. Love these Juan Epstein’s – Minus K Foxx. GO Gossip down the hall of something.

    Congrats to Peter on his marriage, wish you the best!

    WHO IS NEXT?????

  6. How much bullshit can one guest talk in an interview? The bar has been set fairly high by Floyd in this interview.

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