Juan Ep with Busta Rhymes

Whoa lots of everything on here. Starts off a bit tense but gets good…brief cameo from Ebro…

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  1. I’m loving the consistency. On the Busta subject though. He is telling Rosenberg appologizing to Nicki is the right thing to do, but he wants to defend Lil Wayne on Angie’s show saying “I don’t ever think you should apologize about how you feel”. FOH Bust! That’s some fuckery right there.

  2. Thanks PMD! But seriously, you guys need Enuff, Angie & Flex to get on the podcast when they have time. peace.

  3. Dope!
    A little wierd with the whole minaj situation but whatever, people just need to get over that shit like cipha said.
    Loving the consistency.

  4. yo pete, you were right. “get you some” did release as a single because i got the vinyl single with the instrumental & acapella. busta’s memory is a little fuzzy. example, ciph was right about syntax era being on the 2nd album.

  5. Gotta say that shit was good…my level of expectation was quite high so it’s kinda unfair for me to judge…Busta seems like a ok dude it just threw me off when he only wanted to talk about his new album. Glad you got him comfortable again because some gems were dropped….I agree with the comment about other jocks being on Juan Ep….Ghostface please or some CLASSIC southern artist

  6. It was pretty nervous toward the beginning but Busta is such a hypocrite wanting you to apologize. Also, you didn’t diss her, you dissed one of her songs. FOH Busta.

  7. yo david, this juan ep was poppin, can we get a follow up with Ebro on how he SONNED Buss. thats all i got to say.

  8. Ebro sonned that fucc nigga Busta Rhymes

    Play your position lil nigga

    lol Busta wearing Affliction

  9. I’m sorry but as a fan hiphop that should have never been aired. You have the Dream Hampton hiccup, mobb deep beef,Yahoo like headlines on hiphopsites, and now Juan Ep decides to try air out a private conversation with one of the ambassadors of hip hop? I’m a great fan of the show, but play your part Rosenberg, seriously Trevor?

    You’ve must have let your celebrity get you too gassed up. I enjoy listening to Juan EP because of the fun atmosphere we’ve grown to love..four words…”learn how to edit”.

    R.I.P. Kleph Dollaz

    - Tampasolar

  10. Nice recovery episode.

    When I saw Busta calling you out on the morning show for the Starships diss I thought we were in for a shitty Juan-Ep (with Busta losing major respect). But all in all was a good episode.

    Fuck Busta’s new album, it might be good or whatever but we wanted to hear them classic behind the scenes stories.

    The story about how Dre came up with that track ‘Legend of the fall-offs’ (which was a Rakim Aftermath leftover BTW) with the shovel was great.

    PS: All the best for your wedding at the weekend.

  11. I highly doubt his album will be out in november. Anyway dope episode and The Big Bang is an underrated album it;s got some bangers on there.

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